The Ten of Swords

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday! Yay Well we cant put this off any longer. Today we are dealing with the 10 of Swords. In the most positive light this is the ending to a painful situation. That is things can only get better so do not be depressed if you select this card as your card for the day. It is a sign of a new beginning on the horizon The Tens in the Tarot Ten represents the beginning of a new stage of development as we move to the double digit. The Ten can be the final stage or completion but more often than not it is the extreme expression of the energy of the suit and is an overdo of that energy. It is the idea of one too many, destruction and decadence as it has the power of a

Tips on How to Read The Tarot

Good morning everyone, Just pausing for a little break before we finish with the suit of swords and move on to Pentacles. Tips on how to learn to read the Tarot: Obtain the Rider -Waite Tarot Deck. This is by far the best to learn from as it has the richest imagery and messages within the cards. It is not the most beautiful. Once you feel confident in understanding the meanings of the cards feel free to purchase a deck that really appeals to you. 1. Begin each day by picking a card and asking "What will my day be like? or what will be important for me to learn today?" 2. Look at the card. Note the number. What does the number mean to you? What does the image suggest? 3. Write down these mean

The 9 of Swords

Good morning everyone. We continue our journey through the suit of Swords today - almost there! Today its the Nine of Swords. The last of the single digits Remember the Suit of Swords is the element Air and relates to logic, thought, stress and troubles - those things that cause our minds to run overtime. The Nines The final stage of the number digits. The nine is the last of the single digits and is the creative product of 3 x 3. The 3 alone is the number of creative expression and when magnified by the power of three it signifies attainment on all levels – material, spiritual and intellectual. It is associated with endings and completions. With the number 3 there is an association with beg

Meaning of 8 of Swords

Good morning everyone! We are progressing through the suit of swords ruled by the element AIR and relating to thoughts, conflict, intellect, and difficulties so its a tough week. Today we are looking at the 8 of Swords The 8 of Swords The Number 8 is the product of expansion of the 4 and the 2. It has the stability of the material world and the balance and movement of the 2. The 8 then is about establishing firm security, results following effort, personal growth power and progress. In the suit of swords the energy of the 8 is impeded and the progress and development possible with this number meets opposition and barriers. You may like to make changes and improvements but feel restricted or

7 of Swords

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. We are back to swords today starting with the 7 of swords. If you select this card be prepared for a challenging situation that you will need to use intellect, caution and planning to deal with. The seven is a number of seeking wisdom and knowledge. It is often associated with the supernatural, fate and mystical powers. The 7 is a number of analysis, investigation, options, choices, insight and investigation. In the suit of Swords In the intellectual air quality of the this suit it signifies intelligence, planning, foresight and sometimes cunning. If this card turns up you may have a chance of using intelligence to deal with a problem. Especially one

Meaning of 6 of Swords

Good morning everyone. Its Friday. Yay! Its a good day to look at the 6 of Swords - progress into a calmer time, journeys, peace, movement forward The 6 is all about harmony, balance, a rest after a degree of success, balance, home and family, justice, rewards. The Six of Swords The 6 here modifies the struggle and suffering of the Swords. It indicates a move away from difficulties and strife of the past. In a reading this often signifies better times ahead for family and children after a period of struggle and strife. However being the suit of swords its like a temporary or partial alleviation from problems. Not all is perfect. It generally indicates an improvement in situation and circumst

Meaning of 5 of Swords

Good morning everyone. Today we upset the rest of the 4 of Swords by moving on to the 5 of Swords. The Five of Swords The stability of the number 4 is disrupted or disturbed by adding the number one to it. Five brings change, instability and a sense of struggle. The meanings of the suit of swords relates to conflict, disappointments and struggle . Five of Swords The power and struggle of the suit of swords combined with the instability of the 5 results in conflict and defeat- not enough stability for success. You may have a feeling of being made to look small and inferior or embarrassed or weak in some way. There may be conflict and a sense of being overpowered by a dominating person or boss

The Meaning of the 4 of Swords

The Four of Swords The number 4 is the material world which is composed of the four elements and the four dimensions including time and 4 seasons. The 4 is the number a stability and order and firm foundations having a calming and stabilising influence. In the suit of swords The painful and destructive quality of Swords meets a pacifying, calming influence of the number 4. This means respite and a break from difficulty, trouble and stress. This is a chance to recover and recuperate following difficulty, illness or strife. A holiday can sometimes be indicated or even some time in hospital may result if other cards support this. Either way this is a time out card from life’s difficulties and s

The Three of Swords

Good morning everyone. Well I wont put it off anymore - 3 of Swords today The Three of Swords The threes in general relate to the concept of creation. It symbolises the product of the union of opposites. Also the 3 can represent a link between two forces. It is also the number of divinity and is often associated with fate. The 3 expands and intensifies the energy of the suit it is in. In the suit of Swords The suit of swords is associated with conflict, power, ambition and difficulties. The creativity and growth associated with a number 3 often results in aggression, strife, destruction and expansion of the conflict in this case. The three of swords therefore signifies painful and difficult

Numerology Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves. Born 2nd September 1964 We can start by thinking about what would make a good actor. You would expect that they would have a strong desire for creative self expression, perhaps have an ability to immerse them selves in a role and to have a reasonable level of confidence. Keanu has an expression number of a 3. Not surprising really. He has a strong desire to express himself verbally and to find creative outlets for his energy. He is a great communicator I image off screen as much as on screen. It is also important to note that he has a high score of 3s (3) in his name so this all enhances his ability to act, sing, perform and communicate effectively. In addition to this

The Two of Swords

Good morning everyone. Today we are ending the week with a tough card - The Two of Swords. Tough because it often involves a difficult balance that could end up in conflict and two equal but opposing directions or options to consider. Emotion and feeling must be held at bay whilst logic and intellect are required to deal effectively with the situation. Two of Swords The number two is relationships and interactions between two things which may be opposite in nature. It is an energy of balance, co-operation, interaction and reaction and harmony. Two of Swords In the suit of swords the element here is air - intellect, thoughts, conflicts, logic. The twos here indicate the relationship between t

Meaning of the Ace of Swords

Good morning everyone. Today will be a big change from the blissful world of Cups. We are focusing in the Suit of Swords. The Suit of Swords – Element Air The element air and the suit of swords is all about the thought processes. The intellectual, logical processes of the mind. It is a positive polarity or outward bound energy. The energy of swords is devoid of emotion but in that action hurt, conflict and difficult often arises from the decision and actions taken without accounting for the very human side of emotional sensitivity. So this suit is often associated with conflicts, adversity, decisions and logical thinking. Just to recap on the Aces The Ace is the singular undivided energy of

10 of Cups

Good morning everyone happy, happy Wednesday - the theme here is happiness and sunshine in life as we focus on the 10 of Cups Number 10 The 10 is 1 + 0 and reduces back to the 1 so the ten contains the seed of a new beginning at a higher level with the power of the 0 behind it. Ten is thought to be a number of completion but can also be the “overdo” or extreme energy of the suit it is in – one too many, decadence or destruction. The number ten can also be associated with a number of people or groups. The Ten of Cups Ten of Cups is about emotions and personal relationships. Happiness, contentment and fulfilment in family life and friends is indicated. There are a number of people in this ha

Meaning of The Nine of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are getting back to the Suit of Cups - element water - emotion, feelings, sensitivity. The number we are up to is 9 The Nines –are the last of the single digits. Nine represents a completion or final stage of something. Nine is the product of 3 x 3 so it contains the creativity of the 3, signifying attainment of the products of this creativity – the result of benefiting from previous experience. In the suit of Cups The 9 in the suit of Cups expands feelings of happiness, contentment and generosity of heart. Having achieved the sense of inner well being the generosity of the nine wants to share this with others and spread the joy and optimism. If the nine of C

Numerology Beyonce

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Before I get back to the 9 of Cups I thought I would have a look at another amazingly talented celebrity with a birthday this month - Beyonce. Although the 9 of Cups would fit her quite well - having it all - happiness and contentment with life ..but more about that later. Beyonce Full Name Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter DOB 4th September 1981 Beyonce is a powerful character both her Expression number and birth path are 5s and she has a huge number of 5s in her name – 9 in fact. Beyonce is innovative, adaptable, versatile, changeable and inspirational. She has the ability to recreate herself to have a dynamic, energetic and innovative style. The ordinary

Happy Birthday P!nk

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday. On of my favourite artists is celebrating a birthday this weekend so I couldn't resist having a look at her numbers - Alecia Beth Moore -more commonly known as “P!nk” born 8th September 1979 – Happy Birthday!! P!nk enters a Personal Year 1 on her birthday this year which is a great new beginning for her and a new phase in her career – upwards. Its going to be a great year with many opportunities for new experiences and new branches of creative expression coming her way. Pink's numbers are fascinating to me. She has a strong emphasis on the number 2s demonstrating her emotion and sensitivity so apparent in her music. This is not surprising. She also has an

The 8 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at another tough card - The 8 of Cups. Do not dread this card but welcome it as a sign of healing and being ready to move on in your life. The 8 of Cups is another card that triggers feelings of grief and loss. Regardless of who makes the decision or what the situation is there is a sacrifice required where what has been built on in the past must be left behind and you must move forward and abandon what has gone before. (The 8 cups in the foreground represent the emotional investment involved) The Eights The number 8 is the product of 4 and 2 and therefore has the stability of the number 4 in it but is expanded with the energy of the 2. 8 is genera

Meaning of the 7 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are having a look at the 7 of Cups and all aspects of the options it presents. The 7 is often considered a magical number and is associated with wisdom, supernatural powers. The 7 is an analytical number. An energy of searching for truth, perfection and detail. The 7 is a number of options and instability following the rest of the six. The Seven of Cups The imaginative and psychic power of the number 7 when applied to the suit of cups results in imagination, psychic powers and influences of the subconscious. They are great gifts but in the suit of Cups they may be carried away without the stabilising influence of the elements of earth's practicality or reason

Numerology Oprah Winfrey

Good morning everyone. Today I thought we would have a little break from the cards and have a look at another personality - Oprah Winfrey - an amazing lady. Oprah Winfrey Born: 29th January 1954 Oprah Gail Winfrey Ever wondered why she is so successful? Let me tell you she is a complicated woman and extremely astute and intelligent. Her birth path is a 13/4. Nothing special there except it is karmic meaning she has had to work especially hard to achieve anything in this life (having handled this energy poorly in a previous incarnation). One of her lessons this life is to handle money better and to work hard, avoiding laziness and complacency – well I think she has addressed that one. Usually

Meaning of the 6 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. Today it is the 6 of Cups we are looking at. 6 is a calming influence in all the suits and a rest after much activity of the 5s. Number 6 in the Suits Harmony, balance and peace is indicated with the 6s. It is also the number of home and family, responsibility and commitment. The number 6 has an association with the Bible in that the world was said to be created in six days so it has a relationship with effort resulting in success followed by a rest. In the receptive, passive suit of Cups it manifests as memory and reflection on the past - forgiveness, reconciliation, home, family and relationships with siblings. It is peace from the turmoil or emotions o

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