The Strength Card No 8

The Strength Card No 8 The strength card is also known as Fortitude or Force. This card is about moral strength and determination as the woman easily tames the lion. The lion can represent powerful emotions in us which can be creative and positive. It also shows an ability and inner strength to deal with difficult challenges with a positive outcome with the right attitude and proper self control. The number 8 is fitting here as the number of power, resourcefulness and responsibility bringing rewards through effort and determination. Keywords: moral strength, self control. Reversed: Can indicate a lack of strength and feelings of being overwhelmed and not coping, poor self confidence is also

The Lovers Card No 6

This card is usually to do with matters of choice rather than with love. The choice is difficult and almost impossible to come back from as your life is changed irrevocably by the decision. Sometimes this can relate to an emotional commitment such as marriage but not always. It could be work or moving home for example. When this card is upright it can reassure you that you will make the right decision eventually although it is worrying you a lot at the time of the reading. The title of this card suggests issues concerning a relationship and a choice between two options. Some older versions of the card depict a man making a choice between two women with cupid pointing an arrow at his heart Ot

Moving from a 9 Personal Year to a 1 Personal Year

"Every end is a new beginning" and "as one door closes, another opens". Both of these are common sayings in life as many of us already sense the cyclical nature of life and that when things come to an end there is always another path or new beginning open to us. Of the personal Numbers the Personal Year Number is the most significant in terms of describing the events that people experience. A nine personal year can be very rewarding if you have worked hard - maybe a major project is finally complete or perhaps you finish a course you have spent many years studying. Often though, the nine personal year can be difficult - people move out of your life, there can be endings and losses and loose

We are who we choose to be

"We are who we choose to be". We can all aim to be the best version of ourselves and to be kind and considerate towards others. This requires being aware of our shortcomings and talents and taking responsibility for our actions. Numerology and the Tarot can show you what your hidden talents and abilities are and what you can do to develop your natural skills and to address the qualities you are lacking by showing you the energies you need to develop this lifetime to be more satisfied and happier. These are your karmic lessons. The Tarot is a great tool for understanding all the factors in any situation or decision and the consequences or possible outcomes of different options.. It can also g

Thought for the day - Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are

Thought for today. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. -John F. Kennedy. By examining the energies of what we were born with and the energies or transits around us now changes our awareness and therefore can change the outcome of any situation. Numerology and the Tarot gives you insight into the forces active in your life and what skills and abilities you have to work with. This awareness can help you make the most of opportunities that come your way in all areas of your life and can also help to "arm" or prepare you for the difficult times. Numerology can show you what you can do to express the positive form of an energy

The Meaning of The Twos in the Tarot

Meaning of the number 2s in the Tarot. Number two is about negotiation, balance between opposing forces, relationships of all sorts, sensitivity to others, tolerance and cooperation. Selecting the 2 of Wands can relate to business ventures with a partner, cooperation in plans and projects. Two of Cups can often bring romance into your life or highlight a favourable time in relationships in general. The two of Swords is to do with decisions where there are two opposing courses of action. The two in this case can be a bit of an intellectual stalemate as you ponder which way to go. The two of pentacles can literally mean juggling money matters and a division of resources. Using the basic meanin

The Aces

The Aces in the Tarot are Number 1s - new beginnings, new plans, ideas and originality. In the Tarot, Wands correlate to the element Fire - initiative, ambition and action. Cups relate to the element Water -emotions and sensitivity, Pentacles relate to the element earth and practical matters of finance and work. Swords relate to the element air - the mental processes of thinking, decision making and logical, intellectual evaluation. Selecting an Ace will indicate a new beginning or new plans in the area of life it relates to. For example the Ace of Pentacles could mean a new job offer, new plans for investment or an offer of financial assistance or reward. Ace of Wands - new business opportu

What are your Karmic Lessons

Karma is about the law of cause and effect. Everything that happens to you has had a previous cause. Your karmic lessons are qualities which you either lack or only express weakly and can hinder your success unless mastered. They represent experiences or obligations which you avoided or from which you managed to escape in a previous life. They are now present in your current life as barriers unless you make a conscious effort to conquer them. To determine your karmic lessons you must set up your full birth certificate name. Any missing numbers represent experiences and energies you need to master this life time. If these numbers occur elsewhere in your chart the effect will be modified and l

What does the saying "Cloud Nine" mean?

What does "Cloud Nine" mean? For most of us this saying means a state of great bliss, happiness and euphoria. Numerology is based on the meaning of numbers 1 through to 9 with 9 being the culmination of a cycle with every other number essentially reducing to a single digit between 1 and 9. 9 can be a number of achievement but also of completion and endings. 10 in the Tarot is the final stage where there is a pause as every 10 reduces back to a 1 and a new beginning. Numerology can help you to find your "cloud nine". I am also writing an e-book titled "Finding Your Cloud Nine" which will be designed to help you calculate and understand your primary numbers which describe your purpose and what

Universal Year 2018 = 11/2

2018 is the universal year for all us. This number adds up to 11. We do not reduce the 11 to a 2 as it is a master spiritual number termed "the spiritual light messenger". The 11 is the higher energy vibration of a 2 and means this is a year where many will feel the need to connect to others and to explore metaphysics and other mysteries of the world and to think about and participate in humanitarian causes. The 11 energy also enhances awareness of our own intuition and attracts people to perhaps look at Astrology, Numerology the I Ching or some other tool of intuitive understanding for the first time. The lower vibration of the 11 is the number 2 which also functions to highlight difficulti

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