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Karmic Numbers

Karmic numbers can appear in any of the personal numbers. If they are your Expression Number or Birth Path Number they will be of special significance and have a message for you as a guide for how you should live your life and what area of your life or lifestyle you need to address.


13/4     The tarot card corresponding to this number is the Death Card constituting change, renewal and making way for a new life. The keyword here is the necessity for work and for applying attention to detail, building and laying a firm foundation. This number requires application and dedication and hard work. People with this number often feel that they have to work harder than others to achieve results. They may tend towards extremes of either laziness or workaholism.  People with this number can be perfectionists. It warns against being indifferent and there will be constant tests of efficiency and dedication. Past life experiences may have seen the individual not carrying their fair share of the work load. Here the person may not have applied himself to work and was perhaps lazy. The message is to apply oneself to work, to have a strong commitment to doing your best and to be responsible and holds a message to may attention to all the details that go with it.


14/5     Represents physical changes and adventure. This 5 warns of loss relating to something important to you (1) due to  possibly recklessness, extremes or excesses e.g. property, disappointments in love affairs, failure in business. The five demands freedom but can be scattered and restless. This karmic number represents a loss in freedom in some form due to abuse of freedom in a past existence or through personal excesses. Often these people don't know how to get in touch with themselves. May indicate an overemphasis on the physical senses and on possessions. The message of this 14/5 is to use understanding in this lifetime to avoid extremes in action and to develop humility and compassion. Often however this must be learnt the hard way. If this number is your Total Name Number /Expression number it may bring loss on the material plane. If it is the Soul Urge it can bring many broken relationships. Abuse of freedom in the past comes to mind. Those with this karmic debt number need to deal with being adaptable and versatile. Moderation is essential. Like in the temperance card. There is a danger of overindulgence in food, alcohol and all excessive and reckless behaviour. Remaining orders and obtaining balance is essential and stability emotionally. 


16/7     The tarot card 16 represents the Tower and depicts upheaval, sometimes ruin and shock. The "1" representing the self and the "6" representing home, family etc can indicate many consequences of false representation of the self or self delusions. Examples of this could be the consequences of past love affairs that may have caused hurt to others result in a crisis. The message here is not to cling to the material to develop a spiritual way of life.  A failure to do this in this life could result in losses on the material or emotional plane,  e.g. accidents, disgrace, deception and adversity and losses in love. People with this number as birth path or expression will experience many extremes in life, will rise and fall but will often have the ability to recreate their lives and have many new beginnings arising out of what appears to be tragedy or accidents. This karmic number means spiritual growth through life's upheavals and traumas. These people may become very strong emotionally despite adversity but must equally guard against becoming side-tracked by drugs or alcohol.


19/10/1 Represents misuse of power in a previous life. Although this corresponds to the Sun Card in the tarot it warns not to be excessively self centred or domineering.  Its message is to show tolerance and humility to repay this karmic debt.  This may indicate a weakness in character from a previous existence that must be overcome. People with this number may be afraid of being alone, grow old faster and have a sense that happiness has to come from an outside influence.

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