Ace of Swords

Good morning everyone. Today we are focusing on the tough Suit of Swords The Suit of Swords – Element Air – intellect, thoughts, adversity. The element air and the suit of swords is all about logical thought processes and decisions. The energy of swords is devoid of emotion but in that action hurt, conflict and difficulties often arises from the decisions and actions we take without accounting for the very human side of emotional sensitivity. So this suit is often associated with conflicts and adversities. The Ace is the singular undivided energy of the suit. The Aces in general are the number 1 – representing new beginnings, new plans, new feelings, thoughts or actions. The Ace of Swords:

10 of Wands

We are coming to the end of the road with the suit of wands with the number 10 today. Have you bitten off more than you can chew? Too much on the go? The Tens in the Tarot Ten represents the beginning of a new stage of development. The Ten can be the final stage or completion but more often than not it is the extreme expression of the energy of the suit and is an overdo. It is the idea of one too many with the power of a zero behind it but contained in the 10 is the promise of a new beginning as the 10 reduces back to a 1. The number 10 can also signify or suggest a group of people contributing to the overuse of the energy of this suit. Ten of Wands The suit of wands with its association

9 of Wands

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the Nine of Wands. It’s a tricky one.. The message – keep going you are almost there. The Nines in the Tarot The nine represents completion or the final stage. The nine contains the creative power of the 3. The 3 influence is characterised by product and results benefiting from the experience and creativity that has gone before. Nines involve resolution, final stages and endings or culmination and completion of something. The Nine of Wands. The nine here has strength to complete tasks and plans even though the energy of the Wands has resulted in too much on the go with the end result of you feeling like you are close to exhaustion but battli

8 of Wands

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the 8 of Wands The Eight in the Tarot The number eight contains the stability and material security of the 4 together with the balance and movement of the 2. Eight is the number of financial and material success, justice and rewards for past efforts. The meaning therefore is about firmer foundations and moving forward or progressing where there is personal growth and more success. Don’t forget Wands is the element FIRE – action, initiative, confidence so together with the power of the 8 it tends to propel plans forward. The Eight of Wands The energy and initiative of the element of fire in Wands combined with the success, justice and progres

7 of Wands

Good morning everyone. Moving on to The 7 of Wands today – the ability to rise above challenges. The Seven in the Tarot The stability of the six is disrupted by the additional energy of the seven introducing a new factor. 7 is often a mystical number and brings challenges and opportunities for growth in wisdom and knowledge. The 7 is investigative and analytical and together with your life experiences propels you to a greater understanding of life around you. There is intuition and a quest for answers with this energy. Seven of Wands The wisdom and power of the number 7 in combination with the energy and ambition of the wands shows an ability to overcome obstacles and to meet challenges wi

6 of Wands

Good morning everyone. Today we welcome the stabilising influence of the 6 in the suit of Wands. The Sixes in the Tarot The harmony, balance and stability signified by six is coloured in its expression by the suit it is in. The positive, outwardly expressive energy of Wands and also in the suite of Swords has a calming and harmonising effect. In the suit of Cups and Pentacles it delivers a time of reflection and rest from adversity. The six is concerned with balance, justice, rewards and the results or consequences of past actions. The Six of Wands The initiatives of the past have resulted in success and achievement which can now be enjoyed. There is recognition and respect from other for

5 of Wands

The Fives in the Tarot – change and disharmony The stability of the number four is disrupted by adding one to it. Five is the number of change, movement, instability and struggle. The meaning of the fives often relates to issues of conflict, disagreements, disappointment and problems in general. In the outgoing positive energy of Wands there can be arguments and chaos. Five of Wands – Remember Wands is the element fire- denoting ambition, drive and intiative. The optimism and enthusiasm of the fire energy means that the problems, conflicts and annoyances of the five can be overcome. Daily nuisances do cause set backs but the hassle of this is not severe. You may actually be excited to deal w

4 of Wands

Good morning everyone. The four of Wands is the focus for today. If only it was a bright and sunny day as depicted on this card! Let’s recap the meaning of the number 4 The Fours in the Tarot A square is a stable strong shape with four sides. The number four represents the material world, stability, firm foundations, structure, order, regularity, routine and discipline. The Four as a stationary energy represents a calming influence. In the suit of wands and swords it has a calming and stabilising effect but in the passive, receptive suit of cups and pentacles it tends to create too much stability resulting in stagnation and restrictions. 4 of Wands The Four of Wands shows up when achievem

3 of Wands

Good morning everyone.Today we continue on with our journey through the suit of Wands. Just to recap the suit of Wands is the Element Fire: initiative, action, enterprise. The Threes in the Tarot The 3 is a creative number, a product of two opposites. Similar in simple terms to the product of a happy union between two people is often a child. I tend to think of it that way. Depending on which suit the number 3 relates to will indicate how this energy expresses. The Threes represent creativity, growth, development, communication and self expression. By adding an extra number to the stability or inaction of the twos the energy is forced to move forward. 3 is also the number of divinity and f

2 of Wands

Good morning everyone. Today we are moving on to the Two of Wands. Just to recap Wands represents the element of Fire – the creative, energetic, expressive energy. The Twos The twos represent the relationship and interaction between two things, people or principles. It can be harmony and balance or conflict, duality and reflection. Balance, cooperation, negotiation and harmony are all elements of the number two. Partnership and co-operation is the key to the number 2 energy. Two of Wands A decision needs to be made about what to do next. There has been partial success or the completion of initial plans. Don’t forget Wands are connected with business, career, ambition and creative energy s

Ace of Wands

Good morning. We are on to the positive , motivating energy of the suit of Wands today. The Aces – Number 1 in any suit. The beginning or start of something. The initial stage. The Ace of each suit represents the full and undivided energy and power of the element it is associated with. The Ace of wands represents Fire; The Ace of Cups - water, Ace of swords - Air and the Ace of Pentacles represents earth. Remember Wands relates to the element fire and is a positive (or extroverted) kind of energy. Being of the element fire it stands for inspiration, originality, intuition, new ideas and concepts, ambition, excitement, initiative and enthusiasm. In this suit it is often associated with ne

10 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the 10 of Cups. The ultimate happy card – maybe just a little bit too idealistic though… Ten of Cups The 10 is 1 + 0 and reduces back to the 1 so the ten contains the seed of a new beginning at a higher level with the power of the 0 behind it. Ten is thought to be a number of completion but can also be the “overdo” or extreme energy of the suit it is in – one too many, decadence or destruction. The number ten can also be associated with a number of people or groups. Remember the suit of CUPS is about emotions and personal relationships. With the 10 of Cups happiness, contentment and fulfilment in family life and good friends is indicated. Life

9 of Cups

Today we are looking at the Nine of Cups – one of the most positive cards in the deck - the wish fulfilment card. It is the wish fulfilment card. Whatever you hold dearest to your heart, whatever you desire the most is yours for the taking. It holds the reward for past effort with the number 9 and the creative influence of 3 x 3 in the emotionally based suit of CUPS (element water). This is the card of happiness and satisfaction. In mist deck a very happy and rotund character is sitting with a very satisfied look on his face surrounding by 9 cups. Nine of Cups The achievement and continued creative expression of the number nine results in contentment, generosity, happiness and a sense of we

8 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at another tough card - The 8 of Cups. Do not dread this card but welcome it as a sign of healing and being ready to move on in your life. The 8 of Cups is a card that triggers feelings of grief and loss. Regardless of who makes the decision or what the situation is there is a sacrifice required where what has been built on in the past must be left behind and you must move forward and abandon what has gone before. (The 8 cups in the foreground represent the emotional investment involved) The number 8 is generally represents the products of investments, rewards for efforts, justice and fairness however in the suit of CUPS which is all about emotion

7 of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are up to the 7 of Cups. This is a card of choices for happiness in life remember CUPS is all about love, emotion and fulfilment. The 7 is often considered a magical number and is associated with wisdom, supernatural powers. The 7 is an analytical number. An energy of searching for truth, perfection and detail. The 7 is a number of options and instability following the rest of the six. The Seven of Cups The imaginative and psychic power of the number 7 when applied to the suit of cups results in imagination, psychic powers and influences of the subconscious. In this card you are looking at options, ideas and fantasies relating to dreams and wishes. It may be

6 of Cups

Today we are looking at the 6 of Cups – the nostalgia card. Sometimes we reflect on the good things in past relationships or happier times and forget about the reality that lead to our present circumstances. This can be a lovely card of happy memories, thinking about the past and on occasion the return of a past love but there is a warning here not to collapse yourself into the feel good memories and forget the difficulties you may have had. Sometimes it can indicate that this past lover or friend who turns up in your life unexpectedly has returned to help you out in a time of need or to resolve something from the past. It can also denote having a reunion with a family member or siblings and

5 of Cups

Arrows of the Birth Path: 22.1.1981 The Fives in the Tarot The stability of the number four is disrupted by adding one to it. Five is the number of change, movement, instability and struggle. The meanings of the fives often relates to struggle, conflict, disappointment and problems in general. Five of Cups -remember cup is water – emotion, feelings, relationships The disruptive influence of the five together with the emotion of the cups leads to feelings of partial loss and disappointment. You may be dwelling on what has been lost in a situation instead of what remains that is valuable and good. You may be miserable and depressed and feeling that things are worse than they actually are. T

The Four of Cups

Are you a bit bored with the same old routine and are waiting for something more exciting to come along? The Four of Cups is a bit like that feeling. The Fours The calm and stability of the four means rest and a general pause in activity. The number 4 is the number of material stability therefore it is associated with firm foundations, security, systems, order and discipline. In the passive, receptive energy of Cups the stabilising influence can lead to boredom, apathy and inaction. Don’t forget CUPS is to do with emotions, love and inner happiness. When this card turns up you can feel stuck in a rut, dissatisfied with what used to be enjoyable. It can be a sign of potential boredom in a

3 of Cups

The Threes in the Tarot This is the creative element and the combined forces of 2 creating a third. It can represent a link between what seems to be two opposites. 3 is connected with communication and expressions of the creative process. The Three of Cups I find this card often comes up when you need the comfort and support of good friends – like a night out with the girls or time with the guys. It’s all about celebrations and the bonds of friendship and the support we receive from close friends and family. As it is the number 3 it also signifies creativity on the emotional plane and in committed relationships, this card often turns up when marriage, children, pregnancy or birth are arou

Two of Cups

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at one of the best known cards in the Tarot - The Two of Cups often referred to as the romance card. Twos in the Tarot The twos as we have mentioned before represents the relationship and interaction between two entities, persons or principles. It is the interaction between two. The Suit of Cups – just to recap, represents emotion, love, intuition. It is the element WATER Two of Cups: As we know Cups is largely concerned with emotion and relationships so in this suit it is personal relationships. This is the classic romance card. It can also signify engagement, marriage or even a close supportive friendship. It does show that there is someone spe

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