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The Death Card 13

The Death Card is one of the most feared cards in the tarot. It is the number 13. In Numerology this number means death and transformation. The 1 is to do with our self, the 3 our mental processes or thought patterns resulting in a different reality or foundation - the 4 it reduces to. This card is traditionally associated with endings. Many people fear it relates to a physical Death. The Death Card rarely means a physical death and its not for the person who receives it. This interpretation would need to backed up with other cards denoting accident or illness and in this case could relate to someone close to the person I am reading for. Caution is always advised in interpreting this card this way. More often than not it means the death of old habits, patterns and ways of being - recreating yourself and having a new reality and new approach. If I see the Death card after a relationship ends for a client I see this as a very positive sign as it means they are able to move on and will not repeat past patterns of for example attracting the same type of partner or repeating past behaviour that has not been good for them. If you look closely at The Death Card you will see a sunrise in the background and that the child and Pope do not fear the change death brings. The Death card heralds a new beginning where you can truly move on from the past. Enjoy your day. Are you contemplating a radical change? Love and Light Lyn


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