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Meaning of Birth Path 9/Path of Life 9

Compassion is the key word for a number 9 however there is some similarity with the number 6. 6 is the number of family love and giving to others in our immediate environment and community. Whereas the nine is more global and universal giving. 9s are concerned with the welfare of all and are conscious of doing all they can to address injustices in the world and the suffering of others. They are compassionate, generous and self-sacrificing. They are often wise, kind and forgiving


The 9 lives understands that we are all connected and they are very humanitarian, sensitive to the emotions of others, to music sound and visual art. 9s are the least judgemental, most sensitive, tolerant and patient people.  9s can be prone to excesses such as alcohol, food, drugs and need to learn to work and live within boundaries. 9s often need to be alone for long periods to “sort their head out” in order to feel balanced and more in control of their lives.

Careers will include activities assisting others. 9s have diverse backgrounds and spiritual beliefs but feel for the welfare of others. Examples include social welfare, the arts, public service, ministry, doctor, nurse, veterinarian, any other helping. 9s are often healers and artistic. Other careers include teaching, art, psychic work writing, leadership in causes, principles and those inspiring change, humanitarian pursuits and religious leadership.

The Master Number Birth Paths such as 11/2, 22/4, 33/6 hold special significance in terms of an individual's life work and purpose and the talents and abilities they have to work with. Those with Master Numbers as their birth path have a great ability to influence others for a common good. I discuss these Master Numbers in my personal consultations and classes.

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