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What is Numerology?

Numerology is the science of number vibrations. The origin is can be dated back as far as 10,000 years ago. It was used in the ancient cultures of Greece, China, Rome, and Egypt. References can also be found in the ancient books of Wisdom, such as the Hebrew Kabala. The priests of the ancient temples of Egypt and Greece taught the science of vibrations as the oldest mathematics of the Universe

Numerology embraces the principle that we enters life's expression by choice, at a certain time and into a certain environment, that will give us an opportunity to further evolve in consciousness. Think about it. Logically we know that our parents or adopted parents named us or that we acquired our name as a result of a certain set of circumstances. Numerology suggests that our soul chooses to own that energy vibration and that it exactly describes our essence. Our name does not cause any particular characteristic or lesson but it does describe, in tangible terms our soul’s personality and lessons this life time.

The theory of reincarnation, or past lives, is accepted by most numerologists, so that the present lifetime and circumstances can be better understood. It is my belief that Numerology, Astrology and other metaphysics offer us tools to examine our present lifetime and what we have come in to accomplish and learn. That is, our purpose this lifetime. Our chart is like a blueprint of our personality and a map of the energy changes we experience.

Numerology gives us an opportunity to be more aware of ourselves and the talents we have, so that we can use these abilities to help ourselves and others. In each lifetime, if we are aware of our pathway, life purpose, ultimate goal energy etc we can participate in this journey so that our Soul will grow and evolve to a higher state of consciousness where we become better, more compassionate, enlightened individuals. Embracing our personal energies is empowering and satisfying. This is how we can achieve and greater state of fulfillment and happiness.

Numerology shows us that each individual can look at their own vibrations and characteristics by examining the letter vibrations of their name at birth, and their date of birth. This can tell things we are conscious of, and many times things we have suspected or have been unaware of. We can learn about situations and people, the forces we are working with, the natural cycles at work in our lives and the challenges and opportunities we will meet along that pathway.

Each letter of our alphabet is a vibratory influence, and the numbers from (1) through (9) can tell you all the experiences that life presents. Numerology uses the natural cycle of life from (1) through (9), and all other numbers are of a higher vibration of these influences. It is the position of the numbers in the chart of an individual that tells the numerologist the essence of that vibration. Each number can be expressed in our name in an under balanced, balanced or overbalanced way and this too colours our personality traits and skills. Numbers we miss out on in our name describe our karmic lessons. That is energies that we have not handled well in past incarnations or perhaps we abused that energy. This lifetime we are challenged to master this energy. The universe often helps us along the way by making a karmic lessons in harmony with our birth path, motivating force or ultimate goal energy.

Our characteristic numbers or the position and aspects of the planets in our Natal Chart do not limit or restrict us in any way but merely describe our talents, purpose and mission in life. They are our soul’s blueprint. The only limitations we have are in our minds.

We have chosen the present experience for our Soul's growth, and as we reach our goals, we elevate our consciousness, grow in wisdom and in turn elevate the consciousness of everyone on the planet the outcome of which can only be positive for us all.

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