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Birth Path of 11/2 - The Spiritual Light Messenger

With the 11/2 as a birth path you will be a highly charismatic and influential person. Having the ability to influence others to your way of thinking.

As with other master numbers the 11/2 vibrates at a higher frequency than other numbers and has a great deal of power behind it giving the person and ability to  persuade others to their way of thinking which they will always believe is the best way for the benefit of all. Many 11/2s or become well known or achieve some sort of public fame or recognition on varying scales during their life.

Having the 1s bestows leadership ability, confidence and need for attention but like its lower vibration of the number 2 these 11/2s need to bring balance and harmony into their environments and try to bring balance and order to others. 

The 11/2s are empathetic, intuitive, sensitive and inspirational. They often have great innovative ideas that others have not thought of and come from their higher self or spiritual guides. Their aim is to uplift, motivate and help others and feel a strong desire to lead others in their innovative new ideas.

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