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Calculating your Expression Number

Calculating your Expression Number

Expression Number (Also known as Destiny/Mental Number or Total Name Total)

The expression number is related to the energy vibrations of the letters in your full birth certificate name. Think about that. The letters in your name have a designated numerical value and resonate energy. Your soul chooses to own this energy when you are named. Yes someone else names you but the name they choose for you or the name you end up with through circumstances is exactly right for you and describes your nature. That name does not determine your personality, but does describe it. That is, your name does not cause you to have a particular personality it just describes your soul’s nature. You own that energy. This will take some time to digest. Your expression number is the Total of all the letters in your name reduced to a single digit except in the case of master numbers which we do not reduce. Your first name is your physical presence, the second your emotional base and the third your spiritual, karmic or family energy.

The letters in your name cycle throughout your life for different periods of time. For the moment just know that the cycle of these energies makes up your essence number or spiritual lesson for each year. Right we are only looking at the energy you were born with and the vibrational influence of that.

This number is the key to your personality and represents the way you think and process your experiences in life. It describes the way you express yourself, your character, temperament, general nature and sense of identity. Together with your birth path it makes up your individuality and who you are.

Your expression number can be further divided which adds another layer to our personality For today make a note of the table below. Of course you are all going to rush off and work out your Total name total (Expression Number) straight away which is fine. Maybe work out the total of your first name and reduce it, then the second and reduce then the third and reduce and then total up these three. We will have a look at each one and do some examples during the week and interpret them. Have fun!!

The following table indicates how letter values are designated.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


J K (11/2) L M N O P Q R

S T U V (22/4) W X Y Z

Note that:

K = 11/2 – do not reduce if this is your total

V = 22/4 – do not reduce if this is your total

Your Total could also add up to a 33/6 or 44/8 again -don’t reduce those double digits

Here is a little key I use to help remember the values:

1. JAS - Think of jazz music as lively, active etc

2. BKT - A bucket can hold many thinks and can be

used for mixing

3. CLU - A clue makes you think of intellectual

processes and an active mind.

4. DMV- Department of Motor Vehicles make you think

of organisation, stability, solidarity, caution etc

5. NEW- All things new, change and new experiences

6. FOX - Can't think of anything for this one - any ideas?

- protective of its young.

7. GYP- Gypsies the oldest dealers in metaphysics and

the unknown.

8. HQZ- Headquarters usually the power base of any

organisation and where the "head" is.

9. IR - Internal Review - a spiritual search.

Have a great day! 🦉🙂💖 Next - What does it mean??

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