How to work out your Expression Number

The Expression number is derived from the value of the letters in your name - that is your full birth certificate name. This represents the energies your soul chose to own at birth regardless of who named you. This is what you have chosen. It describes your complete personality. The subdivisions of these numbers into vowels and consonants also provides information on how you are seen by others and what your deepest motivation and urges are. This simple table will help you determine your expression number. You need to add up the total in your first name and reduce to a single digit eg. 35 reduces to 3 + 5 = 8. Then add up each of your other names and the total (usually of first, middle and s

The Significance of the Ultimate Goal Number or Reality Number

Many Numerologists seem to overlook the importance of this number. The Ultimate Goal Number is the sum of your Total Name Total (also known as Expression Number) and your Date of Birth number or Birth Path number. The combination of these two significant personal numbers has great importance. This number represents the energy you are spiritually bound to embrace and master this lifetime. In doing this you will experience a greater sense of happiness, well being and satisfaction. It makes sense. Those of us who intuitively move towards this energy later in life feel a sense of contentment. Being aware of this number early on gives you a "goal" to work towards and an awareness of the importanc

Numbers and The Tarot

Number 0. In Numerology the 0 expands the number of the energy it is with tenfold as all double numbers with 0 are multiples of 10. For example a 20 is a stronger force representation of the number 2 than the 2 alone even though it just reduces to the 2. Having said that the 0 alone is an open vessel receptive to all energies. Being a circle it is continuous and everlasting. The Fool is the first card of the Tarot Deck and is assigned the number of 0. He is open to all experiences and is reading to grow in wisdom. The 0 is like a bucket waiting to be filled and so is the Fool. He has no baggage and is open to life experiences with the spirit of adventure. We see him about to step off a cliff

Numbers and The Tarot

Number 2 - The High Priestess represented by the Moon's influence is the other equally opposite and powerful force balancing the Sun. The High Priestess is the passive receptive balancing force the extrovert energy of the the Magician. Fitting well the meaning of the number 2 which represents relating, negotiation, balance and harmony with others

Numbers and The Tarot

Number 1 - The number 1 is assigned to the Magician. He is a single figure commanding attention at the centre of the card. He has control over the elements around him. The magician loves to be the centre of attention making him the perfect representation of the Number one. It is interesting to note that he is also an individual, unique and interesting. All aspects of the number one.

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