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Ready for a New Relationship?

There are many key indicators that come up in relationship spreads that reveal whether the timing is right for someone new. If you receive the Death Card this is actually a really good sign. It means you are ready to move on from old habits, patterns and ways of thinking. You are now not likely to repeat past patterns. The suit of Cups is all about love, fulfilment and emotion. Aces mean new beginnings so the Ace of cups often shows someone new coming along. Two is the number of relating so the presence of the Two of Cups is excellent for meeting a soulmate. Knights mean change, so the Knight of Cups is the spirit of romance coming in to your life. However conversely, the 5 of cups is about grief and loss. if this turns up in a relationship spread you may still need time to heal. You are still focused on what has been lost rather than recognising the good and what you have learnt and being ready to move on. There is reason for caution when you receive the 6 of cups also as this is the sign of unrealistic nostalgia. Perhaps you are not seeing the past clearly and are idealising the good in a past partner without acknowledging all the reasons you are not with them now... Where are you at?


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