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The Three of Swords

Good morning everyone. Well I wont put it off anymore - 3 of Swords today

The Three of Swords

The threes in general relate to the concept of creation. It symbolises the product of the union of opposites. Also the 3 can represent a link between two forces. It is also the number of divinity and is often associated with fate. The 3 expands and intensifies the energy of the suit it is in.

In the suit of Swords

The suit of swords is associated with conflict, power, ambition and difficulties. The creativity and growth associated with a number 3 often results in aggression, strife, destruction and expansion of the conflict in this case.

The three of swords therefore signifies painful and difficult experiences particularly sorrow or something coming to an end or being destroyed. This card may indicate distressing changes, deceptions, conflict etc. These changes and difficult circumstances will make way for a new and better future but the process is likely to be painful. In my experience this is a broken heart. When the 3 of swords comes up there is conflict - an argument or deception in a close personal relationship that causes sorrow and pain. The truth (the facts relating to swords energy) usually comes out in this situation and the consequences are painful.

The only positive in this is that all issues are now out in the open. The truth is revealed and now you know what you are dealing with so that is a good thing.

Keywords: sorrow, heartbreak, deception in romance, strife


When the card is reversed there is no good news here. There is a destructive and painful situation which may have persisted for some time. Arguments, hostility and hurtful behaviour.

This card is often reversed when something is coming to an end in a very destructive way over a long period of time. Bad feelings, arguments and negative attitude may lead to a desire for conflict, and confrontation just for the sake of having an argument.

Keywords: Prolonged conflict, pain, destruction.

Have a good day everyone. The truth may not be easy but needs to be heard. When the storm passes you have a new beginning and a new platform to build from. 🦉🙏♥️

3 of swords -

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