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Meaning of 5 of Swords

Good morning everyone. Today we upset the rest of the 4 of Swords by moving on to the 5 of Swords.

The Five of Swords

The stability of the number 4 is disrupted or disturbed by adding the number one to it. Five brings change, instability and a sense of struggle. The meanings of the suit of swords relates to conflict, disappointments and struggle


Five of Swords

The power and struggle of the suit of swords combined with the instability of the 5 results in conflict and defeat- not enough stability for success. You may have a feeling of being made to look small and inferior or embarrassed or weak in some way. There may be conflict and a sense of being overpowered by a dominating person or boss. You can only accept loss and defeat in this situation, recognising that the opponent is too strong in this case. It is really only pride that has been hurt but he humiliation and embarrassment can be hard to take.

Keywords: Defeat or humiliation


You may have been hurt or humiliated by someone being a bully. The unpleasantness is exaggerated and the intent to really hurt or upset you is more so. This is vindictive behaviour.

Keywords: humiliation, bullying, deception.

If you pick this card today. Be careful and thoughtful about your actions if you are looking for a quick result to show someone up. It may backfire and leave you red faced and embarrassed. If this card relates to an argument your point is not likely to be recognised and you are fighting a losing battle. Save what you have to say for another day. Think out your words and actions. Be straightforward and do not conceal anything from others and you may meet with better success.

Have a great day! 🦉🙏♥️

5 Swords

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