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The Meaning of the 4 of Swords

The Four of Swords

The number 4 is the material world which is composed of the four elements and the four dimensions including time and 4 seasons. The 4 is the number a stability and order and firm foundations having a calming and stabilising influence.

In the suit of swords

The painful and destructive quality of Swords meets a pacifying, calming influence of the number 4. This means respite and a break from difficulty, trouble and stress. This is a chance to recover and recuperate following difficulty, illness or strife. A holiday can sometimes be indicated or even some time in hospital may result if other cards support this. Either way this is a time out card from life’s difficulties and stresses.

Keywords: Rest after strife, recuperation, timeout.


Isolation and being shut out, rejected. Illness may result in you being left out of the usual routine or activities or you may feel deliberately excluded from certain things. You may also have left a difficult situation by choice.

Keywords: Banishment, rejection and escape.

Take it easy today. You need it. Make some quiet time and take a break if you can.


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