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Expression Number 6 or Destiny Number 6

The number sixes are the humanitarians. They are the givers of this world and are responsible, caring givers of service to others. They are understanding, dutiful, sympathetic and self sacrificing. They love peaceful surroundings and love spending time at home and with family and prefer to be in the background rather than the limelight. Number sixes are calm, sensible, reliable and honest They seek truth, justice and fairness in life and enjoy harmony, beauty and nature. They are often artistic. Typical occupations include social worker, interior decorator, entertainer, construction worker, farmer, horticulturalist, miner. These are all situations that require responsibility and trust.. The sixes do well in any occupation connected with the home, community or education. They are community minded. The negative qualities could include pride, jealousy, insensitivity, interference.

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