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Birth Path 3/Path of Life 3

The keywords for a birth path or Path of Life of a 3 is creative self expression and communication. This can manifest in many ways in many careers however these people are good at expressing themselves verbally and in usually in writing to whether that be in a professional serious writing sense requiring scientific, factual reporting or whether that be in creative expression such as through music, art or teaching.  Whatever career they choose they will draw on this talent extensively. Counsellors, public speakers, writers, actors, musicians etc all use their talents in communication on a daily basis. They are usually positive, optimistic people who experience great joy in their work. Even mathematicians use creative energy and communication in their work. Depending on their personality numbers (based on the person’s name) they can be very charismatic and outgoing people who have a tendency to be easily bored, very active and a little restless. The threes can be great story tellers and prone to exaggeration and if expressing negatively may have difficulty with commitment, money management as they live in the moment. They are however very mindful of how what they say affects other people and they are good listeners and empathetic to the feelings of others.

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