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Karma and Numerology

Numerology embraces the belief that the individual enters life's

expression by choice, at a particular time, and into a particular

environment, which will give him an opportunity to further evolve

in consciousness. Reincarnation is supported by most numerologists where we try

to understand the present lifetime and circumstances and what we are here to learn.

To me Numerology and Astrology offer us methods of examining the

present lifetime and what we have come in to accomplish and

learn. Our personal energies in our chart can describe our purpose this lifetime and our spiritual lesson to learn.

Numerology gives us an opportunity to be more aware of ourselves,

the talents we have, so that we can use these abilities to help ourselves and others. In each lifetime, if we are aware of this pathway and the lessons the universe, or to many - God, has laid down for us, we can walk this path so that our Soul will grow and evolve to a higher state of consciousness where we become better, more compassionate, enlightened individuals.

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