Karma and Numerology

Numerology embraces the belief that the individual enters life's expression by choice, at a particular time, and into a particular environment, which will give him an opportunity to further evolve in consciousness. Reincarnation is supported by most numerologists where we try to understand the present lifetime and circumstances and what we are here to learn. To me Numerology and Astrology offer us methods of examining the present lifetime and what we have come in to accomplish and learn. Our personal energies in our chart can describe our purpose this lifetime and our spiritual lesson to learn. Numerology gives us an opportunity to be more aware of ourselves, the talents we have, so that we

The Meaning of the Nines in The Tarot

The nine's have messages of the nearing completion and personal reflection of the energy of the suit concerned.The Four Nines of The Minor Arcana represent the final stage of an action, thought or process. It depicts the closing stage of that particular situation, relationship or phase or project. In the suit of Wands Stand firm. You have done battle and fought hard. You are almost at completion. Success is just around the corner and you have the ability to meet any further challenges head on. In the suit of cups - This is a good omen for relationships. You are past stagnation. This is a period of health, happiness and fulfilment. In the suit of swords - your thoughts are intense and you may

Meaning of The Eights in The Tarot

8 in the Suits of the Minor Arcana 8 is the number of achievement through hard work but also karma, rewards or consequences and balance between the material and spiritual elements in your life. When the 8s turn up something will happen as a result of the past efforts or actions. In the suit of Pentacles There is still much work to be done but much has been achieved. Your skills have been noted. You may be given a new project or role at work that requires you to learn new skills or to be an apprentice of some sort. You may be given an opportunity as a result of your past efforts. On a mundane level this card can also be associated with home renovations and improvements, building projects and

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