Meaning of Personal Year 6

Responsibilities is the keyword for this year. This is a year of service to others, home family and community. If you make your goal to bring happiness and comfort to others you may find love, friends, and great contentment. Weddings, children, families, reunions and other family celebrations may be in store for you this year. When you work to help others you will find rewards come to you in many ways. You may find you have the responsibility of caring for others or a family member or children. You will have a strong desire to beautify your home and surroundings so that it is welcoming and comforting to others. You will love and sympathy freely this year and it may be the time your purchase

Meaning of Personal Year 4

PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal year 4 – hard work and discipline! Opportunities this year come to you through work. You need to be practical, organised and disciplined. This is a time to put plans in to action to establish some security for your future. You can accomplish a great deal but it will require much effort and dedication on your part.. You should re-evaluate your personal and business plans. Look at the details. Fix up errors and any mistakes from the past and learn from them which will help you to grow and establish firmer foundations, habits and patterns for future security. Good management and planning is necessary. You should do your checks

Meaning of Personal Year 5

PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal Year 5 Keyword is change. This year will be about new faces, new places, new ideas and or maybe a new job or new home. The change will make way for new growth and opportunities. Now is a time to move on from the past and to let go of the old. You will feel particularly impatient and restless and have a strong desire for adventure and change. Maybe you will travel in this year. You may also have a greater concern for world events and be more open minded. Be careful not to scatter your energies too far. Use your good ideas to make changes for the better for everyone. You will seek variety and versatility in your work. Go with

Personal Year 3

· Good morning everyone. Today we will have a look at the Personal Year 3. This one is always a very busy time. PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number Personal Year 3. This personal year is all about Self Expression. It highlights creativity (particularly through words) or artistic pursuits. It’s a time to study, learn and to try new things. The personal year 3 is a happy time focussing on friends, socialising and lots of activity. During this time you should aim to develop self confidence and creative self expression in some way. Use your imagination in business. Sharing, socialising and good times are in store. This may manifest in business in an opportunity to teach, t

Personal Year 1

Happy Monday.Lets look at the Personal Year Number 1. The start of a new 9 year cycle. PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number e.g. 06.02.1965 Universal Year for 2018 = 2 + 1 + 8 = 11/2 (do not reduce the 11 as it is a master number) Personal Year Number is 6 + 2 = 8 plus UY of 11 = 11 + 8 = 19/10/1. On their birthday this year on 6th February they moved into a Personal Year 1. As mentioned last week the shift from a Personal Year 9 to a 1 is felt the most. Everyone senses the shift in energy as we complete one cycle and start another. The 1 personal year brings new energy, vitality. Its an opportunity for a new start in one way or another. The Personal Year numbers run i

Personal Year 2

Good morning. Today we are looking at the Personal Year 2. If you are in this year it is all about relationships - the good, the bad and the ugly. PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number I don’t think I need to go through the calculation again so lets just look at the Personal Year number 2 Don’t forget the Universal Year number for 2018 is an 11/2. Don’t reduce the 11 in your initial calculation. The personal year influence colours the type of events for that year and how you experience and feel about them. 2 The Number 2 Personal Year is about co-operation and patience and relationships. This will be a year for partnerships and being willing to do your part and your plan

Birth Path 2

Today we are looking at a birth path of a number 2. Just remember though that the Expression Number energy also has an equally powerful influence on our personality and how we act so the expression of the birth path is modified by this. Later on we will look at how to calculate this number but for now we are looking at the number 2 and the higher energy vibration of the 11. Birth Path of a Number 2 Cooperation is the keyword on this path. You work better in partnership and groups and have a strong need for companionship and are comfortable socially. Your success comes from helping others without expecting reward. You are the peacemaker, very diplomatic and calm and have excellent negotiatio

Birth Path 3

Today we are looking at those of us with a birth path of a 3 Birth Path/Career Number 3 Communication and expression are the keyword on this path. You are enthusiastic, happy, creative, adaptable and energetic. 3s love to talk and express themselves and to explore their many talents and avenues of creative expression. You are a great ideas person, innovative and have good problem solving abilities. Spending time with friends and family, socialing and meeting new people and forming new friendships is very important to a number 3. You will have a love of learning, teaching, training and studying new things which comes with a natural curiosity about others. You are social and have many friends

Birth Path 4

Today we are focusing on those of us with a birthpath of a 4. Myself being one of them. Birth Path of a 4 Organised and practical are the keywords here. You will be conscientious, hardworking, disciplined, honest and sincere, dependable, methodical, systematic and orderly. Routine and stability are important to you as is material wealth mainly for security. There is a great love of home and family with this number. You are responsible and others come to you for support. You are not afraid of hard work and will strive for things you need and want. Patience, determination and loyalty feature. Number 4s can be stubborn and set in their ways and like to have their own way. Number 4s don't like c

Birth Path 5

Today we are looking at those of us with a birth path of a 5- the freedom lovers. Birth Path/Career Number 5 No 5s key motivation is a desire for freedom and independence. With a birth path of a 5 you like to be free to come and go as you please without restriction and you do not like to be told what to do. You are restless and impatient, always keen for the next exciting experience but you also have a quick, versatile mind and will be very adaptable to many circumstances, thriving on change, variety, adventure and new things. Opportunities come from dealing with the public. No 5s always want to try to new things, new jobs, go new places and meet new people. You will acquire great wisdom fro

Birth Path 6 or Path of life 6

Let's look at number 6 birthpath- the number of responsibility, home, family and service to others - I'm sure there are many out there who spend their weekends running around after our wonderful kids but also who love to have friends and family over for get togethers in their home after a busy week at work. This is the energy of a birth path of a six. Birth Path of a Six – responsibility is the keyword on this path 6s love to serve and help others. You probably prefer to work more in the background. You have a humanitarian nature and have a great love of home and family. Six favours stability and peace in your career where other areas of your life may seem to have many highs and lows. Number

Birth Path 7 or Path of Life 7

Remember the birth path is how you function on a daily basis. Your most comfortable and natural way of being. This energy often translates into work and career options. It is different from the Expression Number which is a bit like your sun sign or Star sign and describes your personality type.The Expression Number will modify how your birth path manifests also. So if you can' t completely relate to the description of your birth path we need to look at your Expression Number. For example if your Birth Path is a 7 which is introspective, analytical, perfectionistic and your Expression number is a 1 then you are going to be much more out there, much more extroverted. You would probably aim to

Birth Path 8 or Path of Life 8

Its time for those with the number 8 birthpath. Just remember it will be modified by your Expression Number but these characteristics will apply to a large degree. Just think of how you function at work, your role at work or how you run your things at home. Birth Path or Path of Life Number: 8 Achievement is the keyword here. Success comes through knowledge, effort and determination. There must be a balance between material and spiritual pursuits for the number 8 to excel. This is when you will be rewarded. Lusting after money just for the sake of financial gain and at the expense of others will not bring the positive expression of this truly empowering number. Be prepared to lead, not foll

Birth Path 9

Today we are looking at those of us with a birth path of a 9. Completing the cycle of basic birthpath numbers. Birth Path/Career Number: 9 Compassion is the keyword here. You are known for your tolerance, understanding and compassion for others. People turn to you for advice, inspiration and counsel. You are generous, sympathetic, talented, spiritual and intuitive. Helping those in need, children and young people gives you great pleasure. You may have many emotional experiences in life. Your work may be in large organisations connected with caring for others or on your own e.g counsellor, social work, child care, charity worker, pathology etc You have a broad outlook on life and usually see

Birth Path 1

Birth Path Number 1 You will be a leader not a follower; suited to management, directing or owning your own business and other positions of power or public prominence. No 1s love attention. You will be original, inventive, pioneering, ambitious, strong willed, determined, energetic, confident and enthusiastic. You will need and want to do things in your own way - an individual with a stubborn streak who will work best alone or directing others in small groups. You possess will power and great organisational ability. No. 1s tend to be honest, loyal and hardworking. No 1s main goal in life is to learn to depend on themselves – not to wait around for someone else to take the lead, make a decis

Your Birth Path Number or Path Of Life Number

Your Birth Path Number is one of the most significant personal numbers. The other most important personal number is the Expression Number. Calculating that is a little complicated so we will come back to that one at a later time. For the moment we will start with the Birth Path Number and do one each day until we cover them all. Significance of Your Birth Path The Birth Path number or Path of Life number describes what skills you have been born with and what you have to work with. It’s energy often describes your career or work or how you function on a daily basis and your talents and abilities. This number is a single digit (usually) found by using your birth date. Day + Month+ Year = Birt

Significance of Your Personal Year Number

The Personal Year digit is the most powerful of the personal vibrations and they run in nine year cycles. Each cycle is an opportunity to make the most of these energy changes and to improve on how you handled this cycle influence last time around. The Personal Year Number brings great opportunities for personal growth through the events we experience so understanding what is coming up for you helps to prepare you to make the most of the positive and to be aware of the potential difficulties and how to handle them. Your Path of Life is the Personal Year digit for the year you were born. The personal year influence colours the type of events for that year and how you experience them and feel

The 9 Personal Year

We are looking at the 9 Personal Year today. The personal year describes the type of events for that year and how you experience and feel about them. PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number. Our example today: e.g. 03.04.1967 Universal Year for 2018 = 2 + 1 + 8 = 11/2 (do not reduce the 11 as it is a master number) Personal Year Number for this person is 3 + 4 = 7 plus UY of 11 = 11 + 7 = 18/9. On their birthday this year i.e. 3rd April they move into a personal Year 9. The shift from a Personal Year 9 to a 1 is felt the most. Everyone senses the shift in energy as we complete one cycle and start another. The nine Personal Year is one of the toughest as it signifies ending

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