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Your Total Year Number/ Total Year Count for 2018

The Personal Year Number is great for getting an idea of the experiences you will have in the coming year from birthday to birthday. To find out a bit more of what the universe may send you to deal with it is always a good idea to look at The Total Year Count or Total Year Number. This is your birth path Number plus the Universal Year. This shows the influence of the Universal Year vibration on you personally and the types of events you may feel are out of your control. Its how the Universal energy will manifest in your everyday life. For example the universal year for 2018 is 11/2 which heightens awareness of relationships and the need for harmony for the benefit of all of us in this world. If your birth path is a 3 for example then your total Year Count is going to be 14/5 bring events of change, creativity, travel, innovation etc. You may feel you are given opportunities to make a difference to the people in your immediate environment. You may feel you are not ready for that change but it presents itself for you deal with. With this energy you will adapt to changing circumstances and bring innovative changes which may be better than what has gone before. If your birth path is a 3 then you may do this through teaching, training, public speaking or writing. There are many ways you can experience the combination of the energy of your personal Year number and your Total Year Count. Its worth investigating. Good luck and have a great day.

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