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The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross is probably the most popular Tarot Card Spread and can be used to answer most questions. It gives information on the past, present and future and the internal and outside influences in any situation and the most likely outcome. Sometimes a significator is chosen as the centre of the reading. This is a court card chosen by the reader to represent the client depending on the physical and personality traits of the client matching a particular suit.












S = Significator - optional court cart representing the client.

1    What is surrounding the client now. Present circumstances.

2.   Forces that may be of  a help or hindrance in the situation. Obstacles or problems.   

      This is what is in the way of success.

3.   Represents the foundation of the question. This is the past history of the matter and the basis of the                      question.

4.   Recent past. What the client is emerging from. What has just happened.

5.   Potential future. Options to be considered. Future attitudes that could affect the outcome. Hopes and fears.

6.   Immediate future. What is ahead of the client in the near future.

7.   This represents the client's attitude and outlook and how they feel about the matter.

8.   The influence of other people. Other's attitudes and viewpoints. External influences.

9.   Suggested course of action.

10  Completion or outcome. Considered together with position 5. It will show how things will be viewed in

       hindsight and what is to be learned from this situation.

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