Meaning of the Sevens in The Tarot

Number 7 in the suits. 7 is the number of seeking, thinking, searching for truth. It involves reaching within oneself to seek improvement, wisdom and knowledge. In the suits the 7 brings insight through knowledge. 7 of wands – Wands is “firey” and assertive. The 7 in Wands depicts victory despite adversity. It shows an ability to rise above the challenges despite how things may appear. Determination and courage will see success. 7 in the suit of Cups – Cups is all about feelings and emotions. The 7 in this suit brings choices, fantasy about options and many temptations that you feel could bring you happiness. The 7 disrupts the harmony of the six and gives you options and choices. There are

Meaning of The Sixes in The Tarot

The six is the number of home and family, responsibility and commitment. In the suit of Cups it represents associations from the past, forgiveness, reconciliation, home, family and relationships with siblings. It is peace from the turmoil or emotions of the past. It can indicate reunion with family members and a healing from family strife. In the suit of Pentacles. It is respite from struggle. It can mean generosity from someone older or a mentor, financial gifts and generosity. In the suit of Wands it represents achievement, rewards, recognition and success. It is a temporary pause and rest to reap the rewards of efforts applied so far. Respect and achievement. Suit of Swords. In the suit o

Meaning of the Fives in The Tarot

The fives are about change, adventure, inventiveness and freedom. The 5 upsets the stability of four and brings new imput. In the suit of cups there is something lost in a relationship or association but something left to work on in a different way. Stability and stagnation of the four has been left behind. Change is needed. In the suit of Wands. The creativity of the five brings competitiveness, arguments and disagreements in the suit of wands as strong personalities clash. In the suit of swords disagreements and arguments are likely also but the ruthlessness of the swords will result in a pointless battle. Even if you win you lose. No one has the upper hand here and any victory is a shallo

Meaning of The Fours In Tarot

The four is about stability, firm foundations and work , security and the reality of the physical world. The four of Wands is initial success and achievement. Solid ground and progress. In the suit of Cups it can represent stability of emotion which can translate to boredom and a need for new experiences and spontaneity. In Swords is respite or rest from the mental challenges of this suit. It can literally mean recouperation from illness and possibly hospitalisation. In simpler terms it is a rest from worries and issues you need to deal with and a need for time out. In the suit of pentacles it represents stability and close control over finances and resources. This can translate into greed o

Meaning of The Threes in Tarot

The number 3 is all about self expression, creativity, the product of creativity, communication and the hum of activity and an initial outcome of some plans. Depending on the suit this can be a very positive or happy time or the product of the past could be difficult. In the suit of Wands it could mean initial success from previous hard work, communication, trade and forward moving plans. In the suit swords however the product of conflicting thoughts and adversity seen in the 2 can result in conflicts, arguments, sorrow and heartache. Sometimes this is a card of betrayal and relationship difficulties. This one is a little difficult to relate to the 3 but could also literally mean a third par

Meaning of The Twos in Tarot

The number 2 is all about relating and relationships but also balance, harmony, co-operation and negotiation - two forces balancing. Now you need to apply that meaning to the suits. Two of Cups for example suggests romance, harmony and balance in relation ships and the Cups is all about emotion. Two of Swords - intellect - balancing two opposing ideas, decision to be made, weighing up the options. Two of Wands - initiative, drive making plans in cooperation with others - maybe a business venture. Two of pentacles - the balance of resources, weighing up and trying to balance conflicting physical and financial needs - a see saw in finances and options.

Meaning of The Aces in Tarot

The Aces are the number 1s of the Minor Arcana. Number 1 means new beginnings, originality, initiative, drive, confidence. Now we need to relate this to the suits. Wands is Fire, Pentacles Earth, Cups Water and Swords air. Ace of Wands - new business plans, new ideas and new projects. Ace of Pentacles - the practical physical world. Maybe a payout of some sort or a new job or financial venture. It will involve new plans for material gain and security. Ace of Cups. Cups equates to emotion and feeling - so it follows the Ace is the beginning of a feeling. It could relate to a relationship or it could be affection or any emotional attachment. The Swords relate to ideas, decisions, plans and lo

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