The Hierophant No 5

Good morning everyone. Today we are up to number 5 in the Major Arcana - The Hierophant. The Fool begins to change with the influence of his environment. The Hierophant V As the Fool ventures out to the wider world he encounters the belief and traditions of the culture around him. It is the beginning of his education. The number 5 is about change, progress and advancement. The Hierophant is also sometimes seen as the priest, educator, counsellor or advisor. He represents the organised belief systems that start to influence the Fool. This card portrays the four elements plus the power of the mind. The mind is the factor that makes us different. Originally this card signified religious guidanc

The Emperor No 4

Good morning everyone. Today we a looking at the authoritative father figure - The Emperor No 4 in the Major Arcana. The Emperor is the number 4 representing structure, order and discipline. Like the Empress is the female archetype so the Emperor is the male figure or father figure. He is the representation of structure and authority. In terms of the Fool’s Journey this is the point that he encounters rules and the necessity for order. This is all about the confines and restrictions of living in a material physical world. In a reading this card can come up indicating a promotion or opportunity to show your abilities of organisation, planning and discipline. Often in a spread this can be an o

The Empress No 3

Good morning everyone. Today we will look at The Empress. No 3 in the major arcana. The Empress III The number 3 here is the indicator of the creative force – the world of nature and sensation., the product of two equal and apposing energies. This card depicts a woman in a beautiful, fertile garden rich with fruits, flowers and crops. Whereas the High Priestess is the virginal aspect of the feminine principle, The Empress is the female aspect of fertility and motherhood. She is the personification of the mother instinct. In many decks she is depicted as pregnant. The Empress is a mother figure. In terms of the Fool’s Journey she is the nurturing warmth of the mother figure as he begins to re

Introduction to the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Happy Tuesday. So much better than Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. Today we are back to the cards of the Major Arcana. The Major Arcana represent forces of fate and destiny. There are 22 in the standard deck of 78 cards so the more of these you have in a spread the more the universe is behind you and supporting your spiritual develop and guiding you in a certain direction. The Major Arcana cards represent a helping hand from the universe and our spiritual lessons. Just to recap: The first Card is The Fool allocated the number 0. The Fool is like an empty vessel waiting to be filled just like the the number Zero. The Fool is not an idiot he is naive of life's expe

Expression Number 9

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the Expression Number 9. Don’t forget this is a personality or basic nature number and is equal in our makeup to the birth path number. The birth path describes our most comfortable way of being and how we function on a daily basis. This often manifests in our work. Expression 9 You show great understanding, compassion, love, empathy and tolerance of others. You have an inner desire to help and heal and a very giving, caring nature. You are at your best when you are free to express your emotions. Along with these qualities also comes imagination, artistic and music ability, psychic awareness and ability and an interest in spirituality. Your grea

Expression Number 8

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at The personality number 8. Dont forget the letter allocation 1 = JAS 2 = BKT 3= CLU 4 = DMV 5 = NEW 6 = FOX 7 = GPY 8 = HQZ 9 = IR Expression Number 8 The number 8s are the ambitious achievers with a strong sense of justice and an expectation that hard work and perseverance can pay off. Number 8s love positions of power and authority but also have a strong desire to do the right thing and to be fair and will fight for the rights of others. As this is a personality expression number 8s like routine and order and above most control in their lives and mastery over themselves. Change and anything that tries to alter their mindset or course of action

Expression Number 7

Good morning everyone. Its the Number 7 expression number. Expression 7 You are a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. You may be a philosopher, educator, researcher, analyst or finance and accounting. You need to prove things to be true for yourself and have a strong interest in the mysteries of the world. As a child you may have felt different and alone. You live your life according to your own truths not the standards of others. You are very good with detail, research and study. With an enquiring mind you are a good problem solver. No 7s often prefer to work in the background unless they have a strong Birth Path Number which may propel them into the limelight in lecturing or teaching or exampl

Expression 6

Good morning everyone. Today it is the number 6 Expression Number. These lovely people are kind and always willing to lend a helping hand. Expression 6 You are service oriented and a real humanitarian. You are responsible, reliable, honest, sympathetic and dutiful. Love, family and a happy, harmonious home environment are essential to your inner peace. Understanding, compassionate and caring are your characteristics. Number 6s love peace and harmony and are always looking to help others in practical ways. They love decorating, working in the garden and entertaining at home. Often the 6s have a good eye for art and tend to be generous and kind. They excel in any situation requiring responsibi

Expression 5

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday! Today we will look at those of us with an Expression Number 5 - the freedom loving, independent spirits. 5 Freedom and Change are the keywords here. There is a part of your character that has a strong desire for freedom and independence. You are knowledgeable, outgoing, resourceful and open minded. You look to change and adapt and to do away with old outmoded ways and embrace new experiences with new ways to do things. You are a great ideas person with innovative solutions to any difficulty. You have an ability to recreate yourself and a love to travel and new experiences learning as much as you can about the world. You do need to be careful not to spread

Expression Number 4

Today we are looking at the Expression Number 4. We will get back to the cards in a week or so when I am finished with the expression numbers. NB If you have a K or a V in your name you dont reduce that when you are adding up each individual name for example. Ks are 11s and Vs are 22s. If your name is Kerrie Ann Morris (11+5+9+9+9+5) = 48/12/3 + (1+5+5) = 11/2 + (4+6+9+9+9+1) = 11/2 total: 3+11+11= 25/7 Expression number 7 If the end result is a double number. Dont reduce that. These are the Master Numbers and you will experience and develop both the lower energy vibration (the smaller number) and the spiritual energy of the higher energy vibration (the double number). I will do a separate p

Expression Number 3

Good morning everyone. Let's have a look at the Expression Number 3 Just remember the Expression Number is also called the Total Name Total or Destiny Number. To recap the number allocation for the letters. 1 JAS 2 BKT k has a value of 11 3 CLU 4 DMV v has a value of 22 5 NEW 6 FOX 7 GYP 8 HQZ 9 IR The Expression number 3 describes the optimistic, outgoing, creative, social and cheerful characters of these people. Number 3s are friendly, inspiration, popular and active. You will often find them involved in public speaking, teaching, entertaining, singing or writing. This number often manifests in a mental way with great ideas and an ability to write. Friends are very important to the number

Expression Number 2

Good morning everyone. Today we are going to have a look at the Expression Number 2. Expression Number 2 Those of us with an expression Number 2 are partner oriented people. They are the peacemakers, trouble shooters, negotiators and bring partnership and co-operation to any group. Number 2s work well with others. They usually have good instincts when it comes to others and empathise with others difficulties. No 2s often have a great sense of rhythm and may be good dancers or musicians. They are fond of detail. They are suited to a variety of careers but will always show their strength in working in co-operation with others bringing balance and harmony into their environment at home and at w

Expression Number 1

Good morning everyone. Today we are going to look at an Expression number 1. In this case we will use an example when a person doesnt have a middle name. Remembering that the first name presents a person's physical presence or most obvious presentation. The middle name how they respond emotionally to the world and the last name our traits carried over from previous lives and karmic influences which makes sense as this is our family name. What does it mean if you dont have a middle name? In my experience it doesnt mean that the person is not emotional but it does tend to mean that they are very sensitive but may have more difficulty learning to express that emotion and to get in touch with th

Expression Number or Total Name Total

Good morning everyone. We will be working through the cards but I thought I would break it up a bit with some Numerology. Today I am going to look at the Expression Number and how to calculate it. The Expression number is of equal importance in Numerology as the Birth Path. Expression Number (Also known as Destiny/Mental Number or Total Name Total) The expression number is related to the energy vibrations of the letters in your full birth certificate name. Think about that. The letters in your name have a designated value and resonate energy. Your soul chooses to own this energy when you are named. Yes someone else names you but the name they choose for you or the name you are landed with th

The High Priestess Card 2

Happy Friday Everyone. We are looking at the High Priestess today: the number 2 in the Major Arcana and depicts the balance between the masculine energy of the sun and the receptive energy of the Moon. There are many ways of interpreting this duality but the High Priestess represents the feminine principle, intuition and influences from the unseen world of the subconscious. The High Priestess No 2 The High Priestess is also called The Papess or Female Pope. She is associated with the feminine principle, the unconscious, the underworld, mystery, dreams, unconscious mind and intuition as apposed to the conscious mind. In a spread this card represents guidance, teaching and wisdom from a hidden

The Magician No 1 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at The Magician No 1 in the Major Arcana. Old versions of this card tend to show the Magician as selling trinkets from a stall. This image sees him with one hand raised drawing energy from a higher power and then directing this energy down into practical affairs of the real world with the other. The 4 elements are represented here showing resourcefulness and mastery and an ability to manipulate these elements. Any spiritual journey involves mastery of the physical first. The magician needs to be the centre of attention. He is the No 1 – a leader with the ability to make others listen. In a reading this could be someone with mastery of language, per

The Fool Card 0

Good morning everyone. I thought we would recap some of the Major Arcana in the Tarot as there are quite a few new people following my page now... thank you very much again to you all for your support. If there is something specifically you would like me to cover then please let me know. As we go through the journey I will break it up with a few more tarot spreads. The Major Arcana is often said to represent a journey of the soul from the innocence of childhood through trials and tests to maturity, old age, death, resurrection and eventual transcendence. That is the major arcana represent a journey to enlightenment. In a reading these cards tend to represent things that the client does not h

Birth Path 9

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the birth path 9. Compassion is the keyword here. Number 9s are known for their tolerance, understanding and compassion for others. If your birth path is a number 9 people turn to you for advice, inspiration and counsel. You are a good friend and confidant. You are generous, sympathetic, compassionate talented and intuitive. Helping those in need, children and young people gives you great pleasure. You may have many emotional experiences in life. Your work will most likely be in large organisations connected with caring for others or providing a service relating to welfare, health or justice or on your own eg counsellor, social worker, child car

Birth Path 8

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. We are on to the Birth Path or Path of Life number 8. This one is for the ambitious, determined, dedicated types we know who still believe in justice, fairness and reward for effort. Achievement is the keyword here. Success comes through knowledge, financial effort and determination. There must be a balance between material and spiritual pursuits. This is when you will be rewarded. Be prepared to lead, not follow and be careful how you make and manage money – keep your integrity and honesty. You will success in your own business, managing or supervising. Positions of power may be achieved in education, finance, shipping, buying, selling, consulting, trans

Birth Path 7

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday! Let's have a look at the Birth Path 7. This is always an interesting one as it can manifest in so many ways. Birth Path/Career Number: 7 7s are the seekers of knowledge, wisdom and perfection. You will study, explore and gain facts about the unknown and mysteries of life. You are observing, analytical, intuitive, patient and diligent, expecting much of yourself and others. You may like to be alone and may feel misunderstood particularly when you are young. Metaphysics, science and worldly affairs may be of interest you and you may become involved in investigative or analytical work of some sort. Teaching, writing, research, engineering, medicine or accoun

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