The Sun 19

The Sun card represents creativity, optimism, joy, good news. When the Sun Card appears in a spread it means happy times with friends and family, success and progress. It is time for you to be the centre of attention (the number 19 reduces to 1).The Sun Card is a prosperous card indicating making the right choice and being able to be satisfied that you're on the right path. It is much more than a positive energy. It is one of the easiest cards to interpret as the colours alone are light and bright and the sun itself amongst the sunflowers depicts happiness. The young child on the horse represents freedom and joy in moving forward. There is a great element of creativity here. In my experience

The Start 17

The keys words for the star are hope and bright prospects for the future. Its appearance represents an opportunity for happiness and fulfilment not just change for the better. This is a card of renewal within and inspiration. The Star card rewards those who are generous at this moment in their life. This car is about the energy of giving represented here by the ripples and the streams. The star is not of the material world so it is the energy of hope that requires effort to be creative. Inspiration is the key word here but it does not guarantee success without much work. The Stars energy radiates to others. Your giving will benefit many and inspire others also. When The Star appears in a s

The Tower 16

The tower is a about sudden change and revelation.When The Tower appears in a reading you are forced to see things differently. What you have known, your routine and way of life crumbles. It may seem like a period of chaos but in reality it is an awakening so that you can start afresh. The windows on the Tower are small in this image indicating a narrow limited view of the situation. The Tower can mean unexpected news which is initially shocking. If supported by other cards it can sometimes indicate a physical accident but care should be taken not to interpret this meaning literally unless other cards support this. The Tower brings a forced opportunity to change your circumstances initiated

Meaning of The Devil Card 15

The Devil Card does not depict anything evil. It is simply a card of the material and physical world. It does however represent feelings and situation that we may feel we cant escape and the bonds that tie us to that situation for our benefit or detriment. For example marriage and commitment can be represented with this card but it is more often associated with greed, ambition and the desire for satisfaction on the material plane. We go to great lengths to obtain "things" in life and possessions what we do along the way to get things can bind us in situations which we feel we have no escape from. The number six here can indicate taking responsibility for the actions that have put us in this

Meaning of The Temperance Card 14

The Temperance Card numbered 14 is another of the Karmic debt numbers. It warns against personal excesses (1) in your reality (4). 1 is the number of stability and security and firm foundations. The lesson here when Temperance turns up in a reading is moderation, balance and weighing up all the factors. Patience is called for here. Answers cannot be gained by rash decisions. The universe is pushing you to moderate your life in some way and to achieve greater inner harmony. The water here represents our emotion and calls for calm. Take the middle road. Note that she has one foot in the water and one on the land and is mixing and moving water. Keep grounded and take the middle road. Avoid exce

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