My Story - Lynmaree

Welcome to my website. I have always been very spiritual even as a child. I believed when I was young that it was "God" who gave me special information about things that were going to happen. I knew I had a higher spirit guide but I kept this to myself not wanting to seem different . From a very young age I also had an "imaginary" friend I played with until I was six when my brother arrived. Before my brother was born she told me she had to go because I wouldn't need her any more and that I would have someone else to play with. I believe she was the ghost of a child who had lived in the house I grew up in. My mother was amazed that I knew she was pregnant very early on and that I told her I was going to have a brother. I'm quite sure my parents thought I was a very strange child as I kept to myself, rarely talking or mixing with other children or so they thought. I was shy and reserved as a child and rarely spoke because I was so busy with my other world.


My fascination with the unknown unfolded as I got older. My auntie gave me a magazine when I was about 12 called Man, Myth and Magic. I was shocked when I started reading it and found that I could relate to a lot of the experiences described. I just couldn't get enough of it. This fascination with the unknown developed into an interest in Science with my quest for knowledge and truth. My first career was in the microcosmic world of Microbiology. Later my strong earth bound Capricornian energies got the better of me as I strove for a conventional career in Administration and Management in Aged care and then later in real estate in sales and property management. Around the age of 25 whilst still working at Prince of Wales Hospital in a research position, I started studying Astrology with John Clarke at the Sydney School of Astrology at Chippendale and in 1993 I obtained a Certificate in Astrology from the FAA.  I expanded my interest and skills into other metaphysical disciplines including Palmistry, Numerology and the Tarot, obtaining an Advanced Certificate in Numerology in 1993. Being a numbers oriented kind of person this was the most powerful trigger for my intuition and remains the tool I work with the most. However whatever is said in Numerology is also said in Astrology, Tarot and Palmistry. These are all tools we can use to understand the energy patterns around us and to maximise the gifts we have been given in this life. 


I practiced and taught Numerology and Tarot for many years and was a regular reader at Elements of Nature at The Rocks on Sundays. After raising my four children and being bombarded with messages of encouragement from previous clients and signs from the universe, I am now embracing my first love and doing readings and classes from my home in the Hornsby area north of Sydney. It is only in the last year that I have started this website and my page on Facebook: Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings@lynsreadings where I post daily on the cards, spreads and Numerology. I am also writing an e-book: Finding your Cloud Nine.


My goal now is to provide you with accurate guidance, direction and clarity; to help you find your answers and a sense of peace and to achieve the very best version of yourself possible by maximising your talents and abilities and being prepared for future opportunities and for those tough times.

Being an accurate reader is not about having the perfect life or being right all the time because of this insight I have. My expertise comes from my own personal challenges and spiritual growth and my ability to recognise how these energies work in the lives of others. If you are wanting to know what you are best suited to doing in life or why you end up attracting the same kind of partner or why you see patterns repeating in your life then I can help you to get on the right path. I can show the energies that need attention and what sort of activities will bring you the greatest happiness in life. We are only here for a short time so live life to the full, love and laugh and learn from what the universe brings you. Take care and I hope to see you soon

If you are looking for love and happiness in a relationship I can help you create and attract the right energy to bring the right person to you and to assist you in not repeating negative patterns from the past. The answers are in your number transits and in the cards. It is true that some of us have relationship issues as karmic lessons (I'm one of them). It is very common and a lot of my clients have this issue. Balance, harmony, love and equality in relationships, without getting lost, is hard to achieve but not impossible.  I can show you your areas of strength and how to break away from past negative expressions of these energies.

If it's financial security and the good life you are seeking - again I can help you on your way. For some security and how we make and manage money is a spiritual/karmic lesson - I share that one too. Some are more gifted in their ability to make and manage their finances but I can show you the areas of your natural talents that you can develop and how best to use your skills and abilities from your personal numbers, to achieve your material goals.

I know life isn't easy for anyone but knowing what you have to work with, what you really want and what you are meant to learn this lifetime from your experiences will help you to live a happier more fulfilling life.

If you can relate to any of this take some time out for yourself, have a reading with me and begin your own journey to enlightenment.


Wishing you love, light and happiness always. x

Phone reading special until 30th June : Numerology and Tarot $75 (normally $85). Tarot with basic personal numbers: $55 (normally $65). Session 1 - 1.25 hours if needed. This is a personal service with a fixed price. Call or text me on 0412 314 264 or email me today at to book your reading.