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The Significance of the Ultimate Goal Number or Reality Number

Many Numerologists seem to overlook the importance of this number. The Ultimate Goal Number is the sum of your Total Name Total (also known as Expression Number) and your Date of Birth number or Birth Path number. The combination of these two significant personal numbers has great importance. This number represents the energy you are spiritually bound to embrace and master this lifetime. In doing this you will experience a greater sense of happiness, well being and satisfaction. It makes sense. Those of us who intuitively move towards this energy later in life feel a sense of contentment. Being aware of this number early on gives you a "goal" to work towards and an awareness of the importance to incorporate the use of this energy in your life on a daily basis allowing you to grow spiritually and to be a happier soul. Whatever number is represented here - this is what you should be aiming to develop and master. Just being aware of this number will help you on a daily basis to be more satisfied with life and to find your right direction.

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