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Soul Urge - Vowel Total

Vowel Total also known as Soul Urge/ Heart's Desire, Inner Urge, Spiritual Urge.


This digit represents your inner desires and what motivates you. It describes your self esteem and where your true ambitions lie and is the root of your individuality. It represents the qualities that your soul wants to develop this lifetime and is your driving or motivating force. (A, E, I,O, U, Y) Y is considered a vowel for the purposes of Numerology when there is no other vowel in the syllable e.g. Bryan, Lynn, Mary, Tony, Yvette, Tyrone, Yvonne.  It is also considered to be a vowel when it follows another vowel e.g. Clayton, Gayle, May, Taylor and Wayne. W is considered to be a vowel when it sounds like one e.g. Matthew, Drew, Lawrence, Barlow, Brown, Stewart, Lewis, Howard, Lowell.

The Soul Urge is found by adding the total of all the vowels in the full name and reducing to a singe digit ( or double digit in the case of a master number or karmic number) Vowel values are A=1, E= 5, I= 9, O =6, U =3 and Y =7. Use the basic meaning of numbers to see what your motivating force is.


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