Meaning of a Personal Year 2

Good morning everyone. Happy Friday. I thought we would continue for the moment recapping the Personal Year Number meanings. The Personal Year number is the most significant influence of the number transits. There are many other personal number transits such as: Total Year Count. This is your birth path number plus the universal year number. It represents the feeling of things outside of your control. The Personal Year number is how you experience things. Other personal transit number include the essence number (varies from year to year and represents your spiritual lesson), Pinnacles and Challenges and Birth Path Subcycles but for now lets look at the Personal Year 2. PERSONAL YEAR = Univer

Meaning of a Personal Year 1

Good morning everyone. Today I thought we would revisit the Personal Year Number and how this is a useful addition to a Tarot Reading. Working this at the beginning of a reading is very helpful as this number gives you a lot of insight in to the sorts of experiences your client is experiencing right now. Just to recap: PERSONAL YEAR = Universal Year + your month and day number e.g. 06.02.1965 Universal Year for 2018 = 2 + 1 + 8 = 11/2 (do not reduce the 11 as it is a master number) Personal Year Number is 6 + 2 = 8 plus UY of 11 = 11 + 8 = 19/10/1. On their birthday this year on 6th February they moved into a Personal Year 1. The shift from a Personal Year 9 to a 1 is felt the most. Everyone

Angelina Jolie Numerology

Good morning everyone. Today I thought we would take a glimpse at the life of Angelina Jolie. Name: ANGELINA JOLIE VOIGHT Birth Date: JUNE 4, 1975 Angelina Jolie has a fascinating personality numerologically. Her personality number or the image that she presents to the world is the Number 9. She is the compassionate, caring humanitarian who fights to help those in need. This is in perfect harmony with her expression number of a 6 which is all about home, family and community responsibility Her maturity number or ultimate goal number is the 11/2 which is the master spiritual light messenger. Meaning she is destined to continue her humanitarian work, being a spokesperson for their cause and to

Nicolas Cage Numerology

Good morning everyone.Today I thought I would look at another actor Nicolas Cage and I was very surprised at what I found: Born Nicolas Kim Coppola born 7th January, 1964 Birth Path of a 1. Like Jack Nicholson, Nicolas Cage is also a number 1 and has excelled in his career in film. Cage was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1998 .In May 2001 he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts by California State University. He has also been nominated for an Academy Award twice. He won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the film Leaving Las Vegas in 1995 and was nominated for a second one for his role in the film Adaptation in 2002.[ He also won a Golden Globe award, Scre

Jack Nicholson Numerology

Good morning everyone. This week we are back to Numerology. I thought we would continue to look at a few public figures. Today its Jack Nicholson. If there is someone you would like me to have a look at just send me a message. Jack Nicholson christened: John Joseph Nicholson.Born 22nd April 1937. Its not surprising that Jack Nicholson has that powerful, confident, charismatic personality.He is a birth path 1 so will naturally he will shine in the public eye and is destined to be a stand out individual and a leader in his field.He is in fact the most nominated male actor in Academy Awards history with twelve nominations and has won Academy Awards for Best Actor for his roles in 'One Flew Over

The World Card No 21

Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings 16 November 2018 · Good morning everyone. Its Friday - a great day of the week and a good one to wind up our journey through the Major Arcana. Today we are looking at the World Card No 21/3. The World Card 21/3 There is much symbology in this card as the last of the Major Arcana. The four fixed elements are depicted in the corners of the card (also depicting the four fixed signs of the Zodiac (Taurus - the bull, Leo - the lion, Scorpio- the eagle and Aquarius the enlightened man) and a dancing woman( the 5th element of high consciousness) usually appears in a circle of laurel leaves denoting movement and progress. These creatures representing th

The Judgement Card No 20

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at The Judgement Card No 20. This one is often misunderstood to mean a new beginning. It is a new you but the newness is more on a higher plane and is a better, more spiritually aware version of yourself. The clue is in the Number - 20 which reduces to a two (emotion and feeling) with the spiritual power of the zero behind it. As often is the case with the number two you may be reaching a point in your journey involving the needs for a major decision. The Judgement Card 20/ 2 This card often represents renewal, regeneration and awakening. It’ s not really a new beginning as such but more of an awakening or awareness of something that you have alway

The Sun Card No 19

Good morning everyone. Today we are embracing the lovely positivity and charm of the The Sun Card 19/10/1 The Sun Card No 19/10/1 This is another beautiful card full of positivity, light and optimism. The child represents joy and adventure, ;the horse progress towards goals. The sun is literally the source of all life. Just as the Moon represents the feminine principle, the Sun represents the masculine principle. When the Sun Card appears success, joy and personal achievement is indicated as well as optimism, ambition and energy. You are on the right track. The 19 reduces to 1 which is very fitting for this card as being centred and confident in yourself (1) is essential to success. The 1 is

The Moon No 18

Today we are looking at the Moon Card No 18/9. Like the nature of the Moon its meaning is hard to pin down and has many facets and faces- like the phases of the Moon. The Moon Card 18/9 The Moon Card is a mysterious and powerful card. On one hand the Moon represents potential yet to be revealed, secrets and intuition by its association with night and all things hidden in the night. In a spread where the question relates to the truth of a situation, it tells you or your client to trust your intuition. If you feel that something is missing or that the picture or your information about the situation is incomplete there is usually something or some fact that is important that is hidden and yet t

The Star No 17

Good morning everyone. Today we are moving on to one of the most positive cards in the deck - The Star No 17 The Star 17 The woman in this card is associated with Ishtar the star goddess who ventured into the underworld to get the water of life to restore her dead lover. When this card appears in a reading is signifies peace, rest and tranquillity and hope and bright prospects for the future. Problems will be resolved, healing will take place either physically or spiritually and you will feel inspired, refreshed and blessed after a time of hardship and struggle. It is the number 8 so the universe support you to achieve your goals and ambitions and the laws of karma are at work. This is a pos

The Tower No 16

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at the last of the "scary" cards which you will see is sometime just what we need to get back to reality - The Tower 16/7 The visual image of the Tower is of lightning striking a tower with people flying out of the windows to their deaths. The Tower represents our ego and the small windows our narrow view of the world or our situation. When the Tower turns up we are forced to re-evaluate things. There is often something that comes to us as a shock and sometimes it can manifest as a physical accident that causes us to rethink our lifestyle and situation. We may feel that whatever we think about ourselves or our relationship or career seems to sudden

The Devil Card No 15

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at another card that tends to terrify people. The Devil Card 15/6. Just remember that the god depicted here is the Greek God Pan - the god of nature, lust and earthly pleasure. The God Pan was a shepherd - half man and half goat. Pan was deliberately demonised as Christianity spread throughout Europe. After the Council of Nicea made the Nicene Creed in 325 the Roman Catholic Church was established. Christian ministers and leaders felt the threat of this god that those working on the land who worshipped Pan and other dieties and so they began transforming Pan from a benign nature god to The Devil, the great Adversary. Now getting back to our Tarot C

The Meaning of Temperance Card No 14

Good morning everyone. Today we are looking at The Temperance Card 14/5. - change through moderation and balancing. Temperance 14/5 Temperance is a great card for warning us about the effects of excesses and of getting our lives out of balance. The 14 is a karmic number which is saying change your way of living (1) through a new foundation (4) to bring about a positive new outlook 5. Too much self indulgence (1) can result in instability physically (4). The 5 is the number of change. Temperance here means moderation by mixing and balancing elements in your life. If we look at the card she is pouring water from one vessel to another - one foot on the land and one in the water. The water signi

The Death Card No 13

ood morning everyone. Today we are looking at probably the most feared card in the deck - the Death Card 13/4. I say - bring it on! The Death card is just a timely ending to a situation, habit or pattern of behaviour. This change is necessary to move forward to a new way of being. It is the card of change and transformation, endings and completions. The 1 represents the self (1) which through reasoning process and thoughts (3) leads to a new state of firm foundations and stability (4) = 13/4 For most when the Death Card turns up the person is well aware that something is coming to an end. Sometimes it can signify a physical death or extreme ill health but usually not for the client since it

The Hanged Man No 12

Good morning everyone. Happy Today we a looking at the complicated and often misunderstood card - The Hanged Man No 12 in the Major Arcana 3 might seem a strange number to assign to a card that looks more like self sacrifice (9). However it is the power of the 1 focussing on personal spiritual development and the ability to weight things up and reason(2) that results in a new outlook and rebirth - the number 3. 3 is the number of creative thought. When the Hanged Man turns up in a reading it does say standing still and contemplating where you are, free from the pressure of a goal, will actually lead to progress. It is inspiration and awareness from doing nothing. Often the hanged man is depi

The Justice Card No 11

Good morning everyone. Do you have an important decision to be made and are worried about doing the right thing? Today we look at The Justice Card No 11. The Justice Card No 11 in the Major Arcana When Justice turns up there can be a life altering decision that needs to be made. The scales of Justice indicates it will be a fair and positive outcome. This card is often associated with legal matters and court cases but sometimes it represents just a strong sense of doing the right thing when facing a difficult decision or situation.In terms of The Fool’s journey this is where he begins to trace the meaning of cause and effect in relationships and takes responsibility for his past actions The F

The Wheel of Fortune 10

Good morning everyone. Today is your lucky day - we are looking at The Wheel of Fortune No 10 After a time the Fool begins to see how everyone and everything connects and he can see cycles and patterns in life and he starts to see the answers to some of his questions. Here the Fool recognises the influence of fate in his path and sees where he is at as a turning point. After a period of seclusion he feels ready for change and movement. The Wheel of Fortune is a complicated card representing the power and force of fate and destiny to bring positive change to us and movement in our affairs. It is usually a good turning point. In some decks the wheel is being turned by the goddess Fortuna and i

The Hermit No 9

Good morning everyone. Today we are up to the Hermit No 9 - feel like just crawling back into bed and staying away from the world?- I can relate to that. The Hermit No 9 Number nine is the number of attainment but in this card it is a spiritual accomplishment. The Hermit involves quiet contemplation, study and the wisdom gained from this. The lantern he carries represents this illumination. When the Hermit appears it is time to withdraw from a situation. A time for personal space is needed. Growth and self development, recovery from stress and rest are all needed. By withdrawing you will be able to find your answers and your new direction. In terms of the Fool’s Journey this where he learns

The Strength Card No 8

Today we are looking at the Strength Card - No 8 The strength card is also known as Fortitude or Force. This card is about moral strength and determination as the woman is seen to easily tames the lion in this image. The lion can represent powerful emotions in us which can be creative and positive. It also shows an ability and inner strength to deal with difficult challenges promising a positive outcome with the right attitude and proper self control. The number 8 is fitting here as the number of power, resourcefulness and responsibility bringing rewards through effort and determination. The Fool at this point is encouraged to develop courage and resolve to keep going despite any setbacks an

The Chariot No 7

Good morning everyone.Today we are looking at The Chariot No 7. If your life is not going in the direction you want - take charge. You have the ability and determination to succeed and the support from the universe. This is a powerful card of change and movement forward with determination. The Chariot No 7 The number 7 here relates to one's higher self providing the will power and determination to do what needs to be done. The insight and wisdom of the number 7 provides the inner strength needed to take on the challenges presented at the time. When the Chariot turns up in a reading it means that you or your client has a strong sense of their direction in life and that they know what they wan

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