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Basic Meaning of Numbers 1-9

Numerology is based on the energy vibrations of numbers. All numbers reduce down to single digits 1 through to 9. There are a few exceptions. Double numbers are not reduced and they are referred to as Master Spiritual Numbers. They have special significance energetically for the person who has them as part of their personal numbers. The other numbers we don't reduce are the Karmic numbers such as 13/4, 14/5, 16/7, 19/10/1. These are powerfully influential in a person's life and represent energies to be mastered and lessons to be learned this lifetime. These numbers also correspond to Tarot Cards like The Death Card 13/4, Temperance 14/5 and The Tower 16/7 in the Major Arcana. For example 13/4 is the number of "death" and transformation, endings, completion of cycles and radical change. We will go into these special numbers at a later date. At this point I just want to mention the fundamental meanings of the numbers from 1 to 9. The manifestation of the meaning will vary depending on where they are in a person's chart such as whether it is their Birth Path number, Soul Urge or Expression Number for example. I will give only a few phrases for each one. Keeping it simple is the goal. The basic meaning of numbers is also applied to the transiting numbers and is of special significance in relation to the Personal Year Number.

Learning these key meanings is all you need to understand your personal numbers and is the basis to understanding how to read Tarot Cards as well. If you learn nothing else this is the basis of all personality and cyclical energies. 

Number 1 Meaning: Leadership, originality, initiative, new beginnings.

Number 2 Meaning: Negotiation, balance, relationships, co-operation, supportive.

Number 3 Meaning: Self Expression, communication, growth, creativity, socialising.

Number 4 Meaning: Organisation, building firm foundations, stability, practicality.

Number 5 Meaning: Freedom, change, adventure, restlessness, spontaneity.

Number 6 Meaning: Service, home, family, everyday routine, responsibility.

Number 7 Meaning: Perfection, introspection, study, insight, spiritual learning.

Number 8 Meaning: Power, material achievement, giving and receiving, ambition, re-evaluation, karma.

Number 9 Meaning: Compassion, endings, benevolence, intuition, selflessness, sacrifice, imagination.

When numbers are multiples of 10 the power is expanded.

Number  11/2: Inspiration, reform, intuition, peacemaker, ability to influence others - Master spiritual light messenger.

Number 22/4: Service on a large scale, builder, planner, - Master Spiritual Builder

Other master numbers include 33/6, 44/8 etc.

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