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Expression Number 3 or Destiny Number 3

The number 3s are outgoing, self expressive, creative , cheerful, inspirational, talkative and social by nature. They are usually imaginative and artistic and are great ideas people. The mental intellectual type show natural writing ability and are usually good presenters and speakers. The creative types are good actors, artists. Interestingly with the mental, intellectual quality of the 3 these charming characters love to learn and have many and varied interests. Some end up as accountants due to their affinity with numbers. They are also very social with many friends and a wide social network. They also have a restless nature, are always on the go and love to talk and talk. Always friendly and up for a chat they are usually very popular and friendly. Occupations include teacher, artistic, singer, critic, writer, entertainer, mathematician, decorator, designer. The negative expression of this is overtalkativeness, boastfulness, gossip, extravagance and jealousy.

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