Meaning of The Death Card 13

The Death Card is probably the most famous Tarot Card and the most feared and the number 13 is probably the unluckiest number and the best known karmic number. The number alone instils fear in many. This number is about death and transformation and radical change. It depicts a situation from which there is no escape. The Death Card is the graphic illustration of this number. Change is inevitable. In a Tarot Card spread this card rarely describes an actual physical death unless it is backed up by other cards which may indicate accident or illness. The imaginary here is movement shown by the horse, death of the past represented by the dead and dying people. New beginnings are imminent. It is t

Meaning of The Hanged Man Card 12

Do you ever feel like you just cant get anywhere. When the hang man turns up you must be patient and try to see things from another perspective. The hanged man calls for patience, self sacrifice, reversal. You may feel like you are powerless to change the situation through your own actions. The 12 reduces to the 3 and calls for reassessment using intellect and contemplation. The Hanged man waits and requires patience.His reversal by hanging upside down asks you to reconsider your perspective or to make some sacrifice for a greater good and to relinquish control.

Meaning of The Justice Card 11

The Justice Card is all about balance and fairness, karma and cause and effect. If you have been responsible, caring and shown kindness in all your dealings with others this card is very favourable to a good outcome or decision. The scales in the card demonstrate the need for balance in life and the need to weigh up the facts. There are legal implications here and an association with the sign of Libra. The scales are associated with the legal profession and the male figure in this card appears with authority and power over proceedings. As one of the major arcana cards the energies of the universe and the consequences of actions play out and karma takes effect. The duality of this card is als

Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card 10

With Jupiter as its ruling planet, the Wheel of Fortune is about luck and change. The wheel represents completeness and the highs and lows of one’s luck and fortune. What goes around comes around. This card is ruled by the benevolent planet of Jupiter and will bring happiness, good luck and positive change providing we remain balanced through the turbulence. The sphinx perched on top of the wheel tells us to remain balanced so that we have more control over the opportunities that come to us. Rational thought and a balanced attitude will help to retain success. When this card turns up in a spread it can mean that that whatever the long term goal or wish of the querent is they will see experie

Meaning of The Hermit Card 9

The Hermit card is about spiritual enlightenment and insight and quiet contemplation. As with the number 9 compassion, insight, intuition is indicated. When The Hermit appears in a reading there is a need for solitude, study and reflection. The Hermit is alone. This card is associated with the practical adaptable sign of Virgo. The Hermit is capable of change through wisdom and what we can learn from reflection and enlightenment.The lantern illuminates the past and provides wisdom for the future.This card in relationship spreads calls for time out and withdrawal from issues. The is much to deal with when this card surfaces in relationship spreads.

Meaning of The Strength Card 8

The number 8 is a fitting allocation for this card. In numerology the number 8 is one of power, strength and achievement. The 8 is like the infinity symbol in this card. It is all about balance. The key factor with the number 8 is achievement and success through concerted effort, fairness and co-operation. 8 is the number of balance between the material and the spiritual plane and the law of karma and the balance between giving and receiving. This duality can be taken further to the female/male balance represented by the woman and the lion (a classical symbol of male power). This card warns against greed. In a Tarot Card spread strength promises rewards and success provided you are fair and

Meaning of The Chariot Card 7

The Chariot is a complex card. It implies hard fought victory but with effort to steer a course in the right direction and to harness opposing forces. The 7 is a number of introspection and analysis and striving for perfection. Drawing the chariot asks you to find your inner strength, to focus on your goal of victory. Use all your emotional resources (ruled by the moon and represented by armour) to achieve your goals. The Chariot is ruled by the sign of Cancer. The Chariot is a card of triumph and victory.

Meaning of The Lovers Card VI

The number six is about commitment, responsibility, service, love and family. The Lovers Card is about relationships of all sorts. There is a a choice to be made regarding commitment to one path of which there is seemingly no turning back. Change is imminent. In relationships it shows commitment, love, harmony and the duality of balance. In decision making the choice made is final and involves commitment on a path until the end. The Lovers is the fork in the road. 6 is a harmonious energy. involving trust, love and loyalty.

Meaning of The Hierophant V

The number five upsets the stability, conformity and structure of the physical world represented by the number 4. The Hierophant or High Priest is the male counterpart to the High Priestess. When the Hierophant turns up in a spread he is asking us to question our beliefs and convictions and to put them to the moral test.. We are asked to do the right thing. To be responsible spiritually and to seek wisdom and higher guidance. Some say this is a card of conformity, custom and tradition in a religious sense. I believe it is a card of spiritual action asking us to question our beliefs, customs and religion to see if they remain true to our being and to where we are now spiritually. Overall it i

Meaning of the Emperor Tarot Card IV

Number 4 is the number of stability, authority and firm foundations. The Emperor represents the the classical male figure and the power of the rational mind over emotion. 4 is a number of structure and the material plane. The Emperor card often turns up when an older father, or authoritative type figure enters your life. He will be knowledgeable and good at business and can assist you in making sound decisions. Symbolically the Emperor is an older man and a wise ruler. Associated with the sign Aries of which there are many symbols of the ram represented on this car, and the masculine energy of Mars. (Mars is the planetary ruler of Aries). He still wears armour although his sitting position

Meaning of The Empress Tarot Card - III

She is Venus ruled - sensual, expressive, creative, beautiful. She is the archetypal earth mother. 3 is the creative product of 2. When the Empress appears in a spread she denotes creativity, fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and creative energy in general. She is surrounded by a beautiful garden and wears a floral dress. All signifying the products of growth. She represents creative pursuits, love, harmony, luxury and productivity.

Meaning of The High Priestess II Tarot Card

She is the classical female symbol; associated with the Moon and the element water. The High Priestess is No 2 in the Major Arcana as she represents the balance between the unconscious or intuition and the rational mind. It is this duality represented by this card and signified with the number 2 assigned to her. When she turns up in a spread secrets can come out. This card asks you to trust your intuition. She is seated. Not a card of activity but rather contemplation, waiting and potential. Serenity, wisdom and knowledge are shown by the scroll in her hand. Study or the development of intuition is at hand. Secrets may be revealed. The power of the subconscious is at work.

Meaning of The Magician Tarot Card - I

He is a character. No 1 in Numerology is a leader. 1 is the number of leadership, initiative, assertiveness, action and enterprise. The Magician here is very clever. He can use all the resources at hand (the four elements are represented here) to make the most of what is presented to him. He commands an audience. People pay attention. He is the masculine type. The Magician is creative and inspiration energy. He is associated with the planet Mercury and element Air. The Magician teaches the Fool the art of communication and resourcefulness. Have a great day!

Meaning of The Fool Tarot Card- 0

The Fool Card - he may be a little foolhardy walking forward without looking down but he doesn't have a care in the world.. The Fool is numbered zero in the Major Arcana. He represents a new start and the spirit of adventure. The zero is a complete circle implying this is the beginning of a new cycle. The Fool's baggage in life is light and easily slung over his shoulder. Nothing weights him down. He is carefree and adventurous. The Sun denotes optimism and a positive outlook. Taking a chance. Have faith that life is good. Trust the universe.

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