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Expression Number 7 or Destiny Number 7

Number 7s are the seekers of knowledge and wisdom. They are philosophical and great observers of people. 7s tend to be reserved and somewhat shy. They are highly self critical but also very good at analysis and getting to the truth or heard of any matter. They seek all the facts and want to study, test and validate things for themselves. The mysteries of life fascinate them. The 7s are often loners and others have trouble getting to know them. They live life according to their own philosophy from what they have studied so they often seem to be a bit different. They mix with the thinkers, teachers and educators of the world. They are perfectionists at like any job that doesnt involve physical work. Occupations  include educator, lawyer, scientist, accountant, banker, technical or scientific writer, religious teacher, editor. Negative expressions include impatience, miserliness, indifference.

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