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Hi everyone not only is Lyn truly spot on she knows things instinctively just like my nan did when your are gifted as Lyn is it's a blessing I recommend her services highly having been passed the genes from my nan of palmistry etc I think Lyn is a kindred spirit and a very compassionate caring person who will give you honesty and facts that will astound you choose Lyn that's it!!!!!! I am a real person not someone who made this up cheers salute Lyn ❤️🌈🍷

29 July - Julieanne

I met with Lyn and she was pretty good. Spot on with alot of stuff and was WOWed with the numerology. ThankU for your time and in-depth chat about my chart. ThankU 20 August - Reena

Lyn did a numerology reading for me. Wow so much information and accurate. There is still some things to come in the next 12 months. Which l am looking forward to. What came up about my past is something Lyn could not have known. One subject in particular has made me see l did the right thing at exactly right time. And not to be so hard on myself. Picked up on my health. I am so happy. Lyn's Numerology gets my tick of approval.👼👼👼🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️ 4th September - Lynette May

I’ve had many readings with Lyn over the years and have no hesitation of continuing to reach out to her for advice when I need it or even just for a different, informed perspective on things when I’ve become too subjective and can’t see the forest for the trees. This is where she remains ever the professional, she sorts out the best possible outcomes, cautions on some things she can intuitively read in the cards while still projecting a positive tone in the end. She always leaves me better informed but with the feeling that the power is within. 

Her numerology skills were my favourite from the start. I find the guidance helpful in understanding the years both past and present, their influence on me, having been born uniquely, with my name and dates - very personal and unchanging. 

Aside from all that, Lyn is very personable, highly organised and is extremely good at what she does. Top marks from me!

12 May - Tina

I had my first reading with Lyn last week & it definitely won't be my last!! Lyns reading was spot & amazing! Lyn also explained so many different aspects of ones number cycles & how all these affect your daily life. Thanks so much Lyn  - 6th July - Cathy

The readings were unbelievably accurate and gave me great insight into my career path and how to use my strengths in all aspects of life. Lyn was very welcoming and kind. Thankyou so much Lyn I had a great time x April 15 - Bronwyn

So grateful for the accurate reading. Exceeded my expectations. She has a lovely energy and was of great assistance on my path. Definitely worth recommending! 25 April - Monica

Tulip Kapoor 31 October 2019 · 

I have had two readings from Lyn and she has guided me through a challenging phase in my life. She gives you the time and truly wants the best outcome. Intutive and very considerate. Highly recommend.

Rosie Khodr  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings16 September 2019 · 

I never really write reviews but I just had to share my amazing experience. Lyn was precise, calming and very knowledgable and I could tell straight away she knew what she was doing. I had my numerology and tarot cards read and I loved the way that Lyn connected the numbers from my numerology reading to the numbers on my tarot cards reading, never had that done before ! She is definitely gifted in what she does and I couldn't recommend her enough. Thank you Lyn, you were so insightful and on point, I'll definitely be back in the future, so grateful to have found you. x

Marcella Balada Sancho  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings.  January 21 ·2020

Hi All,
After years I have seen a lots of Psychics and Tarot cards readers I still have no answer and great of confused.
Yesterday, I met and had first reading with Lyn.
She had help and guide me through all a questions had been bothers me for many years.
Thank You so much Lyn and will see you next time.

Loretta Walton  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings.

June 9 at 9:42 PM · 

If you are at a crossroad, want to find out more about your journey this lifetime Lyn is amazing! When things are running around in your head and you seem unable to find your direction Lyn will guide you in the right direction. So happy I found Lyn and had a reading, thank you Lyn

Alissa Griffiths  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings.

June 8 at 9:10 PM · 

Lyn was spot on with so many aspects of my life from my work to our family and the personalities of my children. She took the time to really go through areas that were troubling me and provided me with some confidence and clarity on moving forward. Thank you Lyn for you honest reading.. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who is searching for clarity

Amanda Burke  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings.

June 11 at 2:40 PM · 

omg Lyn is amazing,,, so detailed ... everything she said has been spot on ,,, lyn has given me comfort, and assurance through her gifts,,, not to mention how my new found interest in numerology ... it is so personal and accurate.. thankyou lyn

Valerie Tay  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings.

June 22 at 12:13 PM · 

A good friend recommended that I speak to Lyn about a particular concern that I had. Initially, I was skeptical. I had never believed in tarot card readings. But I decided that there was no harm being open minded and I booked a session with Lyn. She was so accurate and prescient that I was amazed. Totally changed my prior belief that tarot readings were dubious. Thanks, Lyn for your insight.

Luke Sacilotto  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings.

1h · 

I had a reading from Lyn which I found to be very helpful and insightful.
I was blown away with how much detail and accuracy there was within the reading.
I will be recommending Lyn and I will be seeing her again in the near future

Aaron Mi  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings.

July 11 · 

I love my reading with Lyn's numerology charts and tarot card ,she was right on point not only the past, but also your open your mind, it was worth to come to see her, I highly recommend her.

Emily Dobrovsak  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings.

July 21 at 10:48 AM · 

I visited Lyn with my mother earlier this year for a reading. This was the first time visiting Lyn for a reading and by far was the best and most accurate reading I’ve ever had, to this day I’m still wondering how her readings are so cheap for the quality you get. I’m from Melbourne and happen on her by chance before visiting Sydney. Lyn is the only tarot reader I have ever felt got everything right and even touched on subjects I thought I had let go but still needed to address.

Lyn is amazing so if you’re curious to have a reading with her, you will be delighted.

Vivian Hang Nguyen  recommends Lyn's Numerology Charts & Tarot Card Readings

August 13 at 4:34 PM  · 

There was no doubt that something about numerology surprised me by far from how accuracy under Lyn’s thorough reading session. During the entire course over the phone, Lyn impressed me with how charming, kind, and professional of her service. She will make you welcome, listening while you speak, and giving appropriate advice. I highly recommended Lyn for people who were looking for a reader

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