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Master Spiritual Numbers

The Master spiritual numbers are a higher vibrational expression of the single digit number and to those who posses these numbers it means you are destined to be more highly evolved spiritually and to achieve great things. The master numbers are the double digits such as 11,22,33, 44 etc. These numbers are never reduced and have special significance. All of them involve the ability of the individual to influence others and to achieve much for the greater good of all. 


11.       Expression Number - The Master Spiritual Light Messenger

Positive expression: Inspiration, intuition, before the public, invention, revelation, dynamic, leadership, idealism.   The 11s belong in the public eye giving guidance and inspiration to others towards achieving some common or humanitarian ideal. They are great ideas people and promoters of the new and are often ahead of their time. They will usually be well educated and have a  firm philosophy on life.

Negative: Fanaticism, aimlessness, lack of understanding.

Destructive: Degradation, dishonesty, miserly.

Birth Path/Career: Artist, teacher, scientist, inventor or explorer, healers, physicians, peacemakers.  They often spread their knowledge and inspire others through teaching, ministering or lecturing.


22.       Expression Number - The Master Spiritual Builder

Positive: Master Builder, achievement, they often attain positions of power and authority and of strength (practical idealism). They have strong leadership skills often used in humanitarian works. Everything they do is on a large scale and have an ability to organise and analyse, to direct large undertakings with poise and tact as well as having an ability to visualise plans and to  carry them out for the benefit of mankind. Their interests are with large corporations or international issues. They could be efficiency experts, ambassadors, diplomats, promoters. A 22 could become the head of a large organisation or a president or Prime Minister.

Negative: Indifference, inferiority complex, reproof.

Destructive: Recklessness, black magic, impracticality.

Birth Path/Careers: Builder on a large scale, head of an institution, leader in welfare issues, dam or bridge builder, president, governor  etc.

33.     Expression Number  - The Master Spiritual Teacher and Healer

Positive: This is the number of the teacher and spiritual service, devotion, self sacrifice, compassion,

Negative: Martyrdom, personal neglect, loss of touch with reality.

44.       Expression Number

Positive: Productive, resourceful, in search of answers, service to others in practical ways.



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