Your Total Year Number/ Total Year Count for 2018

The Personal Year Number is great for getting an idea of the experiences you will have in the coming year from birthday to birthday. To find out a bit more of what the universe may send you to deal with it is always a good idea to look at The Total Year Count or Total Year Number. This is your birth path Number plus the Universal Year. This shows the influence of the Universal Year vibration on you personally and the types of events you may feel are out of your control. Its how the Universal energy will manifest in your everyday life. For example the universal year for 2018 is 11/2 which heightens awareness of relationships and the need for harmony for the benefit of all of us in this world.

Its Christmas time - The time of the Birth of Jesus or.... not?

I have no doubt about the existence of God our universal creator of life. With Christmas day fast approaching the birth of Jesus will be celebrated by many. However there is some doubt that Jesus was born on the 25th December. There are several references in the Bible that make it unlikely that Jesus was born on this day. One small example of this is that in Luke it is mentioned that the Shepherds were in the fields at the time of his birth. December in Palestine is winter and would have been far too cold. They are in the fields early in March until early October. This would mean that Jesus was most likely born in September in Spring or March in Autumn.. Records state that Jesus died at th

Two of Wands

In Numerology the twos are about cooperation, balance, negotiation and planning and all aspects of partnership. In the suit of Wands the two represents planning, taking initiative by co-operation with others. It can literally mean new ideas and business plans put into play in partnership with others. Sometimes even in relationships this card can represent new ideas and new ventures with your partner. The theme here is inspiration, ideas and planning withe others. Here he is looking out on the horizon with the world in his hands. Looking out to the future and to what he can make of it. Good luck today with all your ventures and have a great one!

Ace of Wands

In Numerology the 1 represents new beginnings, decisions, the first stage in any thought process, emotion or action. In the suit of Wands for example it can be a new plan, new initiative, new job or new project. Its a new start. Cups - emotions, Swords- thoughts/decisions, Pentacles - practical plans. If you have a Tarot Card Deck draw an Ace and study the card and what it could mean for you. The Minor Arcana with the suits of Wands, Cups, Pentacles and Swords represents everyday affairs, the outside world and how these energies manifest. The numbers in each suit can guide you in their meaning. Have a great day.

Know your Personal Year Number

Its worthwhile calculating your personal year number and keeping it in mind with everything you do. Its easy to work out. Just add up your day number and month number and the current year number. e.g. Born 28.12.1962. Universal year number 2017 = 2 + 1+7 = 10/1. 28 + 12 = 40 which reduces to 4 so on the 28th December this year this person enters a Personal Year 5 (4 + 1). It follows that they are currently in a 4 and shift to this new energy on their birthday so most of 2018 they will be in a Personal Year 5 - change and lots of it!. Check out the basic meaning of numbers to work out what that year means for you. Just keep in mind if you end up with a double digit (master number) this has sp

The World Card 21

The World card is the final card of the Major Arcana of the deck.- meaning completion, synthesis. Everything coming together. It has been a long learning journey through the Major Arcana . Instead of exhaustion the girl seems happy, complete and confident. All the elements have come together. This card on a mundane level can depict travel but also insight, understanding and maturity. A good outcome and happiness. Enjoy your day!

The Judgement Card 20

Judgement is about revelations, rewards or consequences for past actions, karma. Judgement is about change and progress. It is not sudden change like The Tower experience but more like change from planned action coming to fruition. This card has multiple levels of meaning and can also mean a warning to slow down and not to be too judgemental of others. It can be a warning to proceed with caution. Honesty fairness and hope are also indicated. It can also mean renewed faith, healing and restoration of health. Ruled by the planet of Pluto the great destroying and healer. If Judgement turns up in relation to health it denotes hope or recovery if great effort has been made in this direction.

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