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The Hierophant Card 5

The Hierophant is the bridge between heaven and earth. He is a regal figure - The Pope or Pontiff in most decks. The Heirophant is ruled by Taurus and tradition but its about learning wisdom, using intelligence and intuition, advice, religion, power, protection, established organisation, marriage, ritual, teaching.

Although this card is tradition, teaching ,and guidance it is the number 5 which suggests its time consider it all and make changes in your own beliefs and customs. The five allows us to evaluate all the conformity and to step out on our own whilst respecting traditions. Previously this card represented counsel or guidance from the church. These days it could be any profession such as doctor, lawyer, counsellor or accountant. The advice you receive will be honest and reliable.

Reversed: advised received may not be sound or reliable. A second opinion is a good idea.

The Hierophant
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