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Calculating Pinnacles and Challenges

The Pinnacles and Challenges are one of the most significant energy cycles we look at in personal Numerology. There are four major cycles in your life.  Each cycle presents certain opportunities and challenges to you from which you learn many lessons this lifetime and they provide opportunities for spiritual growth.


The Attainments or Pinnacles are a means of reading the high points or opportunities coming your way in life. They foretell the types of experiences you will have in that period, the abilities you may develop which will aid you in dealing with karmic debts and in obtaining greater happiness and satisfaction from life. The Pinnacle number is a gift from the universe - an energy to become familiar with and to make the most effort to develop.


The Challenges indicate periods when you may need help to overcome certain difficulties as indicated by the number represented. Challenges should be considered as incentives.  They are lessons in life to be learned and can reap rich rewards later in this life or another. Knowing the meaning of what your challenges are will help you to identify and overcome them.


Pinnacles and Challenges are derived from the Date of Birth.

First Pinnacle              =          Add Month and Day digit

Second Pinnacle          =          Add Day and Year digit

Third Pinnacle                  =        Add the First and Second Pinnacle

Fourth Pinnacle            =          Add Month and Year digit


Challenges                   =          Use subtraction instead of addition.


In the case of Master Numbers e.g the 11 month do not reduce this. Do all your additions and subtractions using the master number not the reduced version.

The first time period is calculated by subtracting the Birth Path digit from 36.

From then on it is in 9 year periods eg if Birth Path is = 2 then the first Pinnacle is from 0 – 34 years, the second from 35 – 43 years inclusive, the third from 44 – 52 years and the fourth from age 53 onwards.

0 Challenge

The true 0 challenge means that you have the choice of challenge. If your life is filled with positive vibrations you have no specific challenge. On the other hand you may experience combinations of all of the below challenges in varying degrees.


No 1 Pinnacle

A time to individualise, to take charge of your life and to do something for yourself. It is a time to do "your own thing".  This is a good period to start a business or to take a stance for independence. A time to lead and to manage and to make a new beginning.  A good time to make long term plans. This period is about self development and taking time out for yourself and to develop your self confidence, leadership and self worth.


No 1 Challenge

The ego is one of the strongest challenges of the 1. Here the challenge is to accept that others have differing views and priorities and that you cannot have it all your own way.  It may be represented by someone or a situation which holds you back from doing something you desire or from developing your individuality. Overcome stubbornness, impatience and intolerance.


No 2 Pinnacle

This period focuses on relationships and working with others.  The opportunity here is to work in harmony with others and to work towards a satisfying stable relationship be it business or personal. Patience, sharing and consideration of others, diplomacy and tact and attention to detail is required. A good time to be in partnership or to work in groups. Companionship is important at this stage. Emotions run high during this period.


No 2 Challenge

Here is to learn to work in co-operation with others without loosing your own identity. Overcoming shyness, carelessness and blind following are also associated with this challenge together with the need for patience.


No 3 Pinnacle

A pleasant time in life which could be used for creative, inspirational, artistic or personal expression in all that you do.   It is a time to channel your energy into something creative such as writing, speaking, art etc or to develop these skills.. Often associated with  teaching, acting, public speaking.  This is a sociable time with many friends.


No 3 Challenge

Challenge here is to develop self confidence and self expression and to come out into the limelight.  This takes courage and may require you to speak out whilst remaining careful not to hurt others with your impulsiveness. Take care not to scatter energies to broadly.


No 4 Pinnacle

The opportunity presented here is to achieve material security and emotional stability through hard work, careful planning and organising. It involves management of resources to achieve a solid foundation for the rest of your life.  A time to put constructive ideas into practice and to save and to accumulate for the future. A period of constant hard work.


No 4 Challenge

To overcome this challenge you must realise that there is much to do requiring order and discipline.  If you have not been using the 4 energy wisely it may require correction. Perhaps you need to pay more attention to detail, to plan and organise or perhaps you have been too lazy.  If you are a workaholic this is a time to regain balance in life and to plan relaxation time.  The constant challenge here is to achieve a sense of inner security.


No 5 Pinnacle

Many new experiences, changes and activities are associated with this period.  It often involves overseas travel, change of job or residence and the spirit of adventure. The opportunity presented is to develop versatility, adaptability and to broaden your horizons through new and interesting experiences. This could be a time of promotion and progress providing you are willing to accept the winds of change and embrace the new.  Could mean public interests, sales, advertising, foreign interests, travel agents etc. Can involve overindulgence in some form.


No 5 Challenge

The challenge here is to learn to accept and develop change, to let go of that which is tired and worn out and no longer of use, to let go of the past and to embrace the new - to overcome the fear of change. In this process you must be careful not to overindulge or to neglect your responsibilities.  Embrace your own curiosity about life and the new experiences that come your way.


No 6 Pinnacle

This presents an opportunity to fulfil responsibilities and obligations.  This may involve service to mankind and/or commitment to the home, family.  This could be a period of success, financial security, romance, love and marriage.  Many people marry and have children in a six cycle. If negative vibrations prevail this could result in marital difficulties, conflicts and possible separations.



No 6 Challenge

This challenge primarily deals with the home, marriage and domestic responsibilities and service to others. It requires an acceptance of responsibility and a willingness to carry out one's obligations. Respect others rights, give service to others freely and advice only when its asked for without thought of personal gain.


No 7 Pinnacle

This is a time for introspection, learning, study and the gaining of wisdom.  It is often a period of being alone by choice. It should be used for such pursuits as meditation, analysis, philosophy, religion and for investigation into the unknown.   Success in this period comes from hard earned knowledge and skill.  Your interests may be in educational, scientific, the spiritual or metaphysical areas.


No 7 Challenge

You must learn to be comfortable being alone but not lonely. Effort may be required not to become isolated from others or to withdraw from the world completely although this challenge is not usually as extreme as this. You may feel tired, depressed and glum a lot of the time. The answer is to keep your curiosity about the world, to share it with those who have similar interests and to develop patience and understanding.


No 8 Pinnacle

This cycle is usually associated with high achievement following hard work. Recognition, power and success come with this.  You may find you are in a managerial position of a business or property. If this 8 occurs on the first cycle assistance may be required in the handling of monetary matters as bad habits may result in misuse for the rest of your life or you may go into business for yourself early in life. This is not a time to be lazy.  Good management, good judgement and sound principles are need together with ambition and drive. Budgeting is essential.


No 8 Challenge

Guard against irresponsibility.  You will learn that if you focus too much on the material you may lose. Sound judgement, efficiency and careful management of resources is essential. Do not abuse power, be mindful of "what goes around, comes around" and try to share you success.


No 9 Pinnacle

The difficult part of this pinnacle is to learn to be a humanitarian without expecting anything in return. If you are able to give help and service to others in this light the rewards are rich. This pinnacle may be difficult at an early age. A nine could be a period of success in art, or philanthropic lines of work.  Later Pinnacles are a good time to do something with your talents that benefit all.

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