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The Minor Arcana

Sample Minor Arcana

There are 40 numbered cards of the Minor Arcana. In contrast to the Major Arcana which represents spiritual forces operating beyond our control the Minor Arcana (sometimes called Pip Cards) tend to represent ordinary events and every day affairs in the client's life and our feelings about these events.

There are four elements represented in the suits

Wands - FIRE - which is to do with ambition, drive, originality, determination, business and enterprise

Swords - AIR - Intellect, mental processes, decisions, logic

Cups - WATER - Emotion, feelings, receptiveness, relationships of all sorts.

Pentacles - EARTH - Work, practicality, finance, security, resources, money

The Court Cards can represent either a physical person in the client's life or a stage in a process of development. The pages being the initial idea, message or thought, the Knights - movement and change in a particular direction. The Queens maturity of the idea and the Kings the achievement of the process. As people the court cards in each suit fit the element and physical characteristics of that suit. 

The numbers in the suits possess the qualities of that number applied to that element. For example Aces are number ones and mean new beginnings. The card number expands the energy of that suit.

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