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Meaning of 8 of Swords

Good morning everyone! We are progressing through the suit of swords ruled by the element AIR and relating to thoughts, conflict, intellect, and difficulties so its a tough week.

Today we are looking at the 8 of Swords

The 8 of Swords

The Number 8 is the product of expansion of the 4 and the 2. It has the stability of the material world and the balance and movement of the 2. The 8 then is about establishing firm security, results following effort, personal growth power and progress.

In the suit of swords the energy of the 8 is impeded and the progress and development possible with this number meets opposition and barriers. You may like to make changes and improvements but feel restricted or hemmed in. Only small improvements are possible at this stage. The situation may not be as difficult as it appears. Note that in the card her path is straight ahead despite being bound and blinded. She does require faith to move forward but her path is unimpeded and is not blocked. The swords are around her but do not touch or block her pathway. The air energy of swords ruled by thought processes and conflict makes us feel trapped. However in front of her in her path is a pool of water. A little faith is needed to get your feet wet (experience the emotion of having faith) and you can move forward.

Keywords: restriction, fear, impediment


The feelings of restriction are stronger when reversed. You may feel helpless and unable to act. However the situation has probably become as bad as it can get and change is necessary in order for you to move forward and you may feel desperate enough to actually make it happen after a period of time of putting things off.

Keywords: great restriction -need for change.

If you select this card for the day. Look at an area where you feel fear is holding you back, where you feel stuck and have another think about how stuck you actually are. There may be an element of trust and faith needed to allow you to get past the obstacles in your way.

Have a great day! 🙏🦉🦉♥️

8 of Swords

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