The Justice Card No 11

Good morning everyone. Do you have an important decision to be made and are worried about doing the right thing? Today we look at The Justice Card No 11. The Justice Card No 11 in the Major Arcana When Justice turns up there can be a life altering decision that needs to be made. The scales of Justice indicates it will be a fair and positive outcome. This card is often associated with legal matters and court cases but sometimes it represents just a strong sense of doing the right thing when facing a difficult decision or situation. You may feel you need to be the one to make a situation right where there is unfairness going on. You may be involved in arbitration or an emotional argument to s

The Wheel of Fortune No 10 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today is your lucky day - we are looking at The Wheel of Fortune No 10 After a time the Fool begins to see how everyone and everything connects and he can see cycles and patterns in life and he starts to see the answers to some of his questions. Here the Fool recognises the influence of fate in his path and sees where he is at as a turning point. After a period of seclusion he feels ready for change and movement. The Wheel of Fortune is a complicated card representing the power and force of fate and destiny to bring positive change to us and movement in our affairs. It is usually a good turning point. In some decks the wheel is being turned by the goddess Fortuna and i

The Hermit No 9 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today we are up to the Hermit No 9 – Do you have days that you just feel like crawling back into bed and staying away from the world or you have so much going on in your head you just need peace and quiet to try to make sense of it?- That is the nature of The Hermit The Hermit No 9 Number nine is the number of attainment but in this card it is a spiritual accomplishment. The Hermit involves quiet contemplation, study and the wisdom gained from this. The lantern he carries represents this illumination. When the Hermit appears it is time to withdraw from a situation. A time for personal space is needed. Growth and self development, recovery from stress and rest are all

The Strength Card No 8

Good morning everyone. Today we are moving on to The Strength Card No 8 in the Major Arcana. Some Tarot Decks swap the order of The Justice Card No 11 and The Strength Card but I feel that number 8 really suits in position in the Rider Waite deck. The strength card is also known as Fortitude or Force. This card is about moral strength and determination as the woman is seen to easily tames the lion in this image but it is more by persuasion than physical strength. The lion can represent powerful emotions in us which can be creative and positive. It also shows an ability and inner strength to deal with difficult challenges promising a positive outcome with the right attitude and proper self co

The Chariot No 7 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today is we are focusing on The Chariot No 7 in the Major Arcana. When the Chariot appears in a spread the universe is supporting you with strength and determination to get your life on the track you want to travel and to achieve your goals. I personally love this card. If your life is not going in the direction you want - now is the time to take charge. You have the ability and determination to succeed and the support from the universe. This is a powerful card of change and movement forward with determination. The number 7 here relates to one's higher self providing the will power and determination to do what needs to be done. The insight and wisdom of the number 7 pr

The Lovers Card No 6

This card is usually to do with matters of choice rather than with love. Although most people when they see this card assume a new lover is coming in to their lives. If this is the case then this person does change their lives irrevocably. In matters concerning choices and decisions the choice is difficult and almost impossible to come back from as your life is changed irrevocably by the decision. Consequences, commitment and responsibility is involved. The angel looks over this couple facing a new direction. The sun in the background supports the right decision being made. In the Fool’s Journey the Lovers Card represents the power of choice and use of will. The Fool begins to form his own b

The Hierophant No 5 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today we are up to number 5 in the Major Arcana - The Hierophant. In the Fool’s spiritual journey he begins to change with the influence of his environment and the social system around him. This one often causes trouble in interpretation. The Hierophant V As the Fool ventures out to the wider world he encounters the beliefs and traditions of the culture around him. It is the beginning of his education. The number 5 is about change, progress and advancement. Originally, in medieval times this card signified religious guidance from priests or ministers. Now it relates to a variety of other authority figures that we may turn to for professional advice such as doctors, sol

The Emperor No 4 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone.Today we are taking a look at the authoritative masculine energy of the The Emperor, Number 4 in the Major Arcana. The Emperor is the number 4 representing structure, order and discipline. Like the Empress is the female archetype so the Emperor is the male figure or father figure. He is the representation of structure and authority. In terms of the Fool’s Journey this is the point that he encounters rules and the necessity for order. This is all about the confines and restrictions of living in a material physical world. In a reading this card can come up indicating a promotion or opportunity to show your abilities of organisation, planning and discipline. Often in a spr

The Empress No 3 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Today we take a look at the meaning of the Empress No 3 in the Major Arcana. The Empress III The number 3 here is the indicator of the creative force – the world of nature and sensation; the product of two equal and apposing energies. This card depicts a woman in a beautiful, fertile garden rich with fruits, flowers and crops. Whereas the High Priestess is the virginal aspect of the feminine principle, The Empress is the female aspect of fertility and motherhood. She is the personification of the mother instinct. In many decks she is depicted as pregnant. The Empress is a mother figure. In terms of the Fool’s Journey she is the nurturing warmth of the mother figure as

The High Priestess II in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday!! Today we will have a look at No 2 in the Major Arcana - The High Priestess. The High Priestess II in the Tarot When the High Priestess appears it is time to trust your intuition. There is much potential in the situation at hand and a promise of more to come. This card is the night before day and the pomegranate seeds show potential yet to be revealed - like seeds before they become the fruit. The High Priestess sits between the two pillars in Solomon’s temple - Jachin, and Boaz. Jachin (right) is generally referred to as the Pillar of Establishment and Boaz (left) is the Pillar of Strength. The pillars also depict the duality of nature; masculine and fem

The Magician No 1 in the Major Arcana

Good morning everyone. Time to move on to The Magician Number 1 in the Major Arcana. Just to recap: The Major Arcana represent the forces of the universe at work in your life. The more of these you have in a spread the stronger the spiritual lessons of the events you are experiencing and the more fate and destiny is working in your life to bring those experiences to you. A high number of minor cards or court cards in a spread tends to indicate that the outcome of situations is largely determined by the self determining actions and initiates of the people around you. In other words your in control. The Magician, sometimes called the Juggler is number 1 in the Major Arcana card in most traditi

The Fool Card 0

Good morning everyone.Today we start the journey through the Major Arcana. I have covered the cards before but this time I am just giving a few keywords and focusing on the number of the card and the image. The Fool - Number 0 The Fool is the first card of the deck and represents the spirit of adventure, taking a risk and trying something new. Looking at the picture; he has very little baggage in life and is carefree and happy with the sun shining. He is about to step off a cliff but is not worried at all. The number 0 is like a hole waiting to be filled or an empty vessel waiting to be filled A bit like the naive Fool before he sets out on his journey and gains experience and wisdom along t

Your Personality Card in The Tarot

Good morning everyone. Today we are beginning on the Major Arcana. Your birthdate can be used to work out your personality card in the Tarot and also your Soul card. Not everyone will have both but you should be able to relate to the core meaning of this card and will recognise your own personality traits as yours comes up in the order of cards. So first how to calculate it. Line up the day, month and year and add them together 23rd February 2002 23 02 2002 2+ 2+ 7 = 11 This persons Personality Card is the 11 or Justice Card and the Soul Card is 1 + 1 = 2 This individual has a strong sense of right and wrong and a strong social conscious. The 2 component is the desire to help others, compass

Basic Meaning of Numbers continued

Good morning everyone. Today we are continuing with the key meanings of numbers. Each number has a particular energy vibration and meaning. Also each letter in the alphabet has a vibrational number value. Regardless of which numbers we are referring to in our Numerology Chart the basic meaning of that number applies and is modified by the area it relates to. For example a person with a 3 expression number will be talkative, most likely creative, expressive and restless to a degree. If the number 3 relates to the birth path then these qualities will be expressed in what the person does on a daily basis. 3 birth paths are often teachers, writers, or work with children and young people. Their a

Basic Meaning of Numbers

I thought I would go back to basics and work on the essential meaning of numbers. The meaning of these numbers applies throughout Numerology to every type of personal numbers such as Birth Path, Expression Number, Ultimate Goal, Motivating force, inclusion chart etc so its worth getting to know them. Their meaning is modified depending on what number it applies to. For example a Birth Path of a 1 would mean that the person is likely to show great confidence and leadership in the work environment. If the Expression Number was a 1 then the power of the one applies to all areas and in general to their personality type and is not necessarily limited to their work or everyday activities. If the U

Ultimate Goal Number

Happy Friday everyone. Today I thought I would mention the Ultimate Goal Number. It is probably the third most important personal number after the Expression Number and Birth Path. Ultimate Goal This should be considered one of the most important numbers in your life and describes what your life has been planned for or what your soul's ultimate purpose is this lifetime. It may give you some insight into why you choose the path that you do. It you are aware of your Ultimate Goal number use it in life as guidance and try to incorporate it into your hobbies or career to enrich your life and to provide a greater sense of satisfaction with life. It is most effective in later years (Age 54 onwards

Expression Number

Good morning everyone. Just thought since we have been looking at the value of the letters in your name for the inclusion chart I would recap the Expression Number. This is one of your most significant personal numbers. Expression Number (Also known as Destiny/Mental Number or Total Name Total) The expression number is related to the energy vibrations of the letters in your full birth certificate name. Think about that. The letters in your name have a designated value and resonate energy. Your soul chooses to own this energy when you are named. Yes someone else names you but the name they choose for you or the name you are landed with through circumstances is exactly right for you and descri

Inclusion Chart continued - excess of numbers

Good morning everyone. Today we are continuing with the Inclusion Chart and the meaning of overbalance or excess of numbers in your name - that is your full birth certificate name. 5s 4 - 5 gives adaptability, versatility, inventiveness and an adventurous streak. Too many 5s: Fickle, irresponsible, recklessness, self indulgence, abusive, selfish, unstable, restless, scattered. 6s 1 - 2 gives responsibility, sense of duty, compassion and commitment to work, family or community. Too many 6s Worry wort, difficulty letting go, very conventional and set in ways, depressed, despairing, fearful and doubtful. 7s: 1 - 2 gives good attention to detail, an investigative, enquiring mind, analytical skil

Inclusion Chart - Intensity of Numbers

Good morning everyone today we are continuing working on The Inclusion chart. This is the frequency of numbers in your name and how this colour your personality and lessons in life. Missing numbers are karmic lessons - energies that you have not handled well in previous existences and energies that you need to understand and master this lifetime. The Inclusion chart also shows a balanced energy for each letter and an overbalanced or excess value. The excesses of particular energies also describe unique problems or talents of their own which need to be handled wisely. Each number has a balanced expression which is not exactly the same for each one. For example 2 - 3 1s is considered a normal

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