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Numerology Keanu Reeves

Keanu Charles Reeves. Born 2nd September 1964

We can start by thinking about what would make a good actor. You would expect that they would have a strong desire for creative self expression, perhaps have an ability to immerse them selves in a role and to have a reasonable level of confidence.

Keanu has an expression number of a 3. Not surprising really. He has a strong desire to express himself verbally and to find creative outlets for his energy. He is a great communicator I image off screen as much as on screen. It is also important to note that he has a high score of 3s (3) in his name so this all enhances his ability to act, sing, perform and communicate effectively. In addition to this his soul urge is also a 3. This means that the 3 is his motivating force and gives him the greatest satisfaction. He has also performed on stage and has had his own band and he has. tried his hand at directing and producing. With this heavy emphasis on the 3s he is constantly looking for new challenges for creative and artistic expression. Together with this he has a high score of 1s so naturally he is comfortable being the centre of attention and in the limelight. This is necessary to have the confidence to be before the camera and others. They all need a healthy dose of ego for this. His birth path is a 13/4 which is a karmic number. Keanu has really struggled to make a name for himself in acting and has had some real failures and highlights. He has had to work especially hard to achieve anything in this field. His personality number or how he appears to others is a 9 which means he is of course not what he appears. The 9s are really sensitive and private. They put on a face for the public and are very difficult to get to know. Their public persona is quite different from the real person.

Keanu’s personal year number for this year is a 22/4. This is big business and establishment of firm foundations for the future being a master spiritual number – The Master Builder. I think he will be doing a lot more producing and directing – the grass roots and foundation of the acting industry.

Keanu has karmic lessons of the 6 and 7 and an ultimate goal of a 7. I think he has a lot of confusion about his own beliefs and spirituality. He has been described as atheist, Buddhist and at one point Greek orthodox. Ultimately he will be on a quest of understanding to work this out. With a 6 karmic lesson home life stability has eluded him and there have been issues of commitment and responsibility. His childhood involved a lot of moving around and he had many stepfather’s in his life. Achieving balance and harmony in family life will remain a life long challenge for him.

This year he entered a personal year 22/4. I think this will be a stabilising year for him and he builds on successes in producing and directly. There is an element of investing which will be very rewarding for him in the future.

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