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7 of Swords

Good morning everyone. Happy Monday. We are back to swords today starting with the 7 of swords.

If you select this card be prepared for a challenging situation that you will need to use intellect, caution and planning to deal with. The seven is a number of seeking wisdom and knowledge. It is often associated with the supernatural, fate and mystical powers. The 7 is a number of analysis, investigation, options, choices, insight and investigation. In the suit of Swords In the intellectual air quality of the this suit it signifies intelligence, planning, foresight and sometimes cunning. If this card turns up you may have a chance of using intelligence to deal with a problem. Especially one involving a strong opponent in a clever, skilful, tactful way. You will be able to use caution and planning to avoid a confrontation. In a way you sort of anticipate their next move and the conflict is avoided. A very clever change of tactic is called for. Alternatively I often find that this card can actually represent someone in your life, particularly work related who is sneaky and cunning and has an agenda that may affect you or make you look bad so be watchful to anticipate this person's actions to avoid a conflict or deception on their part. Also in relation to legal contracts - be careful about the details and who you trust. This is my experience with the energy of this card.

Keywords: Foresight, avoiding conflict. Reversed A new tact or approach is what is called for but you may not have the confidence to act on it. Fear of disapproval will hold you back or fear of what others may think of you. There may be a missed chance to avoid trouble. Keywords: Timidity, conversatism.🙏🦉🦉🤨♥️

7 of Swords -

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