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Frequently asked Questions

Are the sessions recorded?

You do receive a lot of notes and a print out of your Numerology Chart during the reading. I do not provide a recording of the session but you are welcome to record the session if you would like. Many clients record the session on their phone. In the case of phone readings many clients take notes and your chart, all notes, all spreads of the cards, Rune stones etc are emailed and sent by sms during the reading. 

How long are the readings?

All my readings take 1 - 1.5 hours approximately and sometimes longer. I allow 1/2 hour between clients also just in case we need a little additional time. Any additional time taken is not charged. I'm not a clock watcher and if we are in the middle of a discussion and need a little extra time then that is fine. 

Can I ask Questions during reading or do I have to wait until the end?

The session is meant to be a free exchange. You can ask questions at any time during the reading. I am happy to look at specific issues or concerns and always welcome questions. Anything we discuss is held in strict confidence and is never shared with anyone else. 

Can you help with choosing business names or with name changes?

Yes I often help people chose a business name favourable for their industry and personal energies. I can also help with name changes that enhance your natural energies and the suitability of certain property or house numbers also. 


What is your cancellation policy?

A $40 non refundable deposit is requested at the time of booking to help to cover my administration costs and the costs of preparing reports and notes in the case of cancellations at short notice. If you are unable to keep your appointment, have given 3 days notice and have paid in full I will refund the balance. I generally retain the deposit with short notice cancellations of less than 3 days as I would have already prepared your report and accompanying notes by that stage.

Generally the balance of the fee is only due the day before your reading so if you completed the payment and cancel or wish to reschedule with 24 hours or less notice then the full fee will be forfeited as I am unable to fill the session at short notice and it is insufficient time to prepare a new client's chart. Issues can generally be avoided as the balance of the fee is only due the day before. If you have paid the deposit and  have given 5 days notice and do not wish to reschedule then I am happy to refund the deposit.


Can a friend attend the reading with me?

Yes you are welcome to have a friend attend or sit in on your reading if you wish.

Where is your office located?

My office is located in Hornsby  Level 1, 22-28 Edgeworth David Ave Hornsby. It's the Regus Offices next to the Edgeworth Medical Centre - well sort of behind it actually. There is 3 hours free parking in Westfield nearby and Albert Street is the closest entrance. My office is also just a short 10 minute walk from either Hornsby or Waitara station. On the weekends there is extra security so you will need to call or text when you arrive so that I can let you in to the building.

Phone Readings/Zoom or Video readings?

I don't actually do zoom or video calls at the moment. I have tried but find fiddling around with technology interferes with the way I connect with people. The result seem to be much better over the phone. I do send through information  on your chart and photos of all your card spreads, Rune stones and crystal recommendations by email and via text during the reading. I have been doing phone readings this way for many years and almost 1/2 of my reviews are from phone readings.

Tuition - One on One or Tuition in Pairs - One off intensive Courses





Do you teach tarot and Numerology?

Yes I can do one of one tuition or courses for students in pairs. Email me at for further information.


Generally I provide a 2 hour intensive course giving you all the basics of how to read the tarot. All notes are provided. Wrote learning of the meanings of cards is not necessary with my method. TOTAL COST $200 per student for 2 hours.

The meaning of a tarot card can be found from THE ELEMENT, THE NUMBER OF THE CARD AND THE VISUAL MESSAGE.

We cover the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana and how to interpret their appearance and significance of the Major Arcana in a spread.

Several basic spreads of the tarot are covered

You will need the standard Rider-Waite Deck.


I also offer a 2 hour intensive course in pairs - TOTAL COST $110 per student. 

Coming  soon. Group classes on zoom.

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