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Tips on How to Read The Tarot

Good morning everyone,

Just pausing for a little break before we finish with the suit of swords and move on to Pentacles.

Tips on how to learn to read the Tarot:

Obtain the Rider -Waite Tarot Deck. This is by far the best to learn from as it has the richest imagery and messages within the cards. It is not the most beautiful. Once you feel confident in understanding the meanings of the cards feel free to purchase a deck that really appeals to you.

1. Begin each day by picking a card and asking "What will my day be like? or what will be important for me to learn today?"

2. Look at the card. Note the number. What does the number mean to you? What does the image suggest?

3. Write down these meanings in a book or on a note pad.

4. At the end of the day look at what you have written. Can you relate it to the events of the day?

5. Now look up the meaning in a book or on line and add that meaning to the meaning of the card you started with at the beginning of the day. Make a note of how your day related to the card you chose.

6. As you do this each day you will form an intuitive and personal association with the meaning of each card. This will help you to recognise the meaning of that card in future spreads either for yourself or others. 🦉♥️🙏

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