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Total Year Count Number (TYC)

Most people are familiar with the Personal Year Number and know that this often describes the types of events you will encounter in the year following your birthday. Similarly you may know about the Universal Year number which is the current year reduced to a single digit. For example 2018 = 11/2. This means that the universal vibration for this year is an awakening of the need for harmony and peace in the world often through media (number 2 and the higher vibration of The Spiritual Light Messenger number 11/2). The Total Year Count describes how you are affected personally be this universal energy vibration. This number will give you an idea of the sorts of events that the universe will bring to you and how they will affect you. It often describes forces thast you feel are outside influences or "out of the blue" and not connected with your personal circumstances or life in the way the Personal year number affects you. I find this number very useful in determining events and I always read this in conjunction with the Personal Year Number in the Essence Chart.

The Total Year Count is derived by adding your Path of LIfe/Birth Path digit to the Unviersal Year number.

For example 28.12.1962 has a Birth Path of a 13/4. The Universal Year for 2018 is an 11/2. The Total Year Total for this person will be: 24/6. We do not reduce the 11 as it is a master spiritual number and I havent reduced the 13 as it is karmic. This person may experience many responsibilities being thrust on them due to outside influences. eg extended family needing help, being a in a situation where they are called to help out e.g sick or injured animals or people. Perhaps they will feel that the universe requires much giving and service from them in many unrelated circumstances. 'This influence will be active from their birthday in December so its important to keep in mind at what point in the year these become active. Similarly for most of 2018 they were in a TYC of a 5. 

On their birthday in 2018 they entered a personal year of a 6 so for most of that year they are in a Personal Year 5 until their birthday in December. (28 + 12 + 2018 = 6) 

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