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Planes of Expression - single dimension

These numbers indicate what our temperament is, where our abilities and talents lie and provides useful information particularly for vocational guidance. They show in what areas we have the most knowledge and ability and what areas we may need to work on.  There are four planes by which we can describe ourselves: The Mental, Emotional, Physical and Intuitive. These are found by totalling the number of times each letter value occurs in our full name. An emphasis on a particular plane colours our personality and gives us skills in a particular area. A deficit or weak score on a particular plane is an aspect of our personality we need to work on. The planes are based on the frequency of numbers of a particular type:

  • Mental Plane: The mental plane shows us the way we think. You calculate this by adding all of the 1's and 8's in your total name. That is how many of them you have.

  • Physical Plane: This plane is the practical and pragmatic plane. Ability to maximise use of resources available to you, endurance and values. This is calculated by adding up the number of 4's and 5's in a your name.

  • Emotional Plane: The emotional plane is how you function and react emotionally. Calculate  this by adding the 2's, 3's, and 6's.

        Intuitive /Spiritual Plane: This is your intuitive and spiritual self which is determined by the number of 7s and 9s in your name..

        It shows your sensitivity, compassion and understanding of others.

Physical Plane      D E M N V W  4s & 5s

Mental Plane        A H J Q S Z     1s & 8s

Emotional Plane  B C F K L O T U X  2s, 3s & 6s

Spiritual Plane    G I P R Y  7s & 9s

The Mental Plane ( Total number of letters of the value 1 & 8)


An emphasis here indicates strong intellectual abilities.  They are the thinkers and have good reasoning powers and strong opinions.  They are often writers of serious or technical works. They deal in proof and in facts.  Often includes leaders, scientists, inventors, heads of large businesses.


The Physical Plane (Total number of letters of the value 4 & 5)


These are practical people with good common sense. They are good organisers, systematic and methodical.  Good physical endurance and strength are characteristic and they are often highly sensual.  They deal with the here and now and are usually hard workers, often builders or crafts people.


The Emotional Plane (Total number of letters of the value 2, 3 & 6).


A heavy emphasis on the emotional plane usually indicates that the person relies heavily on their emotions for guidance. People with a high score here have much sentiment, imagination and feeling and may appear dreamy. It usually imparts creativity, artistic ability, originality and inspiration with little regard for fact or analysis.


The Intuitive Plane (Total of  letters of the value 7 & 9)


As the name suggests a high score on this number usually means some psychic ability and a definite interest in spiritual matters, seeking knowledge and inspiration. People with a high score here often lead quite lives out of the limelight. May be involved in charity work, counselling or other institutional work. An emphasis on the nine usually indicates caring and compassion for others.


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