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Ultimate Goal Number/Reality Number or Power Number

The Ultimate Goal number is the sum of the Birth Path/Path of Life Number (Total of Birth Date) plus the Expression Number (Mental Number or Total Name Total). THIS MORE THAN ANY OTHER NUMBER IS CONNECTED TO OUR SENSE OF SATISFACTION IN OUR LIFE. Most people identify with this energy after the age of 50. This is the energy we are meant to become familiar with and master this lifetime. I


It is  one of the most important numbers in a person’s life and combines all the energies of the Expression Number and Birth Path Number. When you look at this number you will see what your life was planned for. If you know the plan and try to live up to its meaning your life will be meaningful, useful and happy. If this number is lived up to there will be no wasted time or useless days in your life and retirement will be active and healthy. It is the clue to our being and to your greatest successes because it describes your a life purpose.


If you are aware of your Ultimate Goal number use it in life as guidance and try to incorporate it into your hobbies or career to enrich your life and to provide a greater sense of satisfaction with life. It is most effective in later years (Age 54 onwards).

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