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The 9 of Swords

Good morning everyone. We continue our journey through the suit of Swords today - almost there! Today its the Nine of Swords. The last of the single digits

Remember the Suit of Swords is the element Air and relates to logic, thought, stress and troubles - those things that cause our minds to run overtime.

The Nines

The final stage of the number digits. The nine is the last of the single digits and is the creative product of 3 x 3. The 3 alone is the number of creative expression and when magnified by the power of three it signifies attainment on all levels – material, spiritual and intellectual. It is associated with endings and completions. With the number 3 there is an association with beginnings of creativity. With the 9 it is the end creative product of the 3 derived from experience.

Nine of Swords

The creativity and experience of the past has turned the mental facility of this suit to worry and sorrow - an expansion of the swords energy. You may have suffered and cannot escape the pain of the past. You will have much anxiety over what others are thinking and doing behind your back. You may not be sleeping well and be suffering nervousness and anxiety, stress and depression but look closely at the images. Those swords are in her dreams and nightmares. They are not part of the real world and cannot harm her. If you choose this card for the day acknowledge your fears and concerns but remember you may be getting things out of proportion, Stay grounded. Much of what you fear may not eventuate.

Keywords: despair, depression, anxiety.

Reversed: Persistent depression and anxiety. You may be weighed down by fear and delusions making it hard for you to cope. Help may be needed to get yourself out of the rut. You may be suspicious of others and think others are hostile. This is a sign that your worries are out of hand and out of reality. Help is needed to get some perspective.

Keyword: severe or prolonged depression, fears and cruelty.

9 of Swords

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