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Frequency of Numbers and Karmic lessons

Karmic Lessons represent situations and experiences that we have not managed well in previous existences. We may have misused this energy or failed to meet the challenge it presented in past lifetimes.  Each soul must learn all the lessons. Until we do certain situations or circumstances will repeat to give us the opportunity to learn these lessons. Once the lesson is learned, circumstances become easier and life becomes more fulfilling and happier. This is the philosophy behind numerology. Karmic lessons are represented by the numbers missing in our full birth certificate name. These lessons can be modified or lessened on effect if they appear else where in the chart. For example if someone has no 1s in their name they will lack confidence and need to develop confidence, originality and initiative. If their birth path is a 1 this would mean that they can best address this energy through their career or work. The universe supports this develop and makes this lesson a little easier to deal with.


The frequency of numbers in your name provides great insight into your personality. A high score of a particular number will manifest strongly in your personality type. For example someone with a high score of 1s (i.e. greater than 5 or 6 in their name) will be confident, original, extrovert and a leader of some sort. If other numbers are present in quantity they could be good public speakers (high number of 3s) or very inventive and original (high numbers of 5s). What is a normal score for each number varies according to the individual numbers but in general terms we are talking about extremes.

To work out your frequency of numbers use the following table:

Number Value

1    A,J,Z

2    B,K,T

3    C,L,U

4    D,M,V

5    N,E,W

6    F,O,X

7    G,P,Y

8    H,Q,Z

9    I, R


Example Name:   Sally Anne Morris

1s S,S, A,A    4

2s -                0

3s L,L            2

4s M               1

5s N,N,E        3

6s O,              1

7s Y               1

8s -                0

9s R,R,I          3

Sally scores relatively well on the 1s and 9s. She is a quietly confident person, compassionate, caring and intuitive. (the score of 3 fives is relatively normal - see below). As she matures the power of the 1s will see her become confident. but the lack of 2s means she will want to do everything her way and may have some difficulty accepting another's point of view or compromising.

Sally’s karmic lessons are to do with relationships (2s), probably represented as an inability to compromise or to see another's point of view. Difficulty understanding the needs of others and problems with negotiation, balance and compromise and the 9s would expand her tendency to give and maybe help with this lesson. 8 is also a karmic lesson for Sally. Money, rewards for efforts and financial security is a challenge for her. Sally is probably a bit of a dreamer too but highly intuitive shown by the good score on the 7s and 9s which is also the intuitive plane (See Planes of Expression).

A person to person consultation will help you to understand how the balance of your personality and transiting numbers will manifest in your life. Remember it is not an exact science but more like a blueprint and intuition pieces it together to form the final picture.

Here is a guide to what I consider to be a “normal” or average score on the frequency table

1s            3 or 4

2s            1 or 2

3s            1 or 2

4s            1 or 2

5s            4 or 5

6s            1 or 2

7s            1

8s            1 or 2 although a lot of us have karmic lessons to do with giving and receiving, money and balance

9s            1 or 2

Just remember this is based on the letters in your name. It makes sense that most of us have issues with finances. There are not many names with a lot of Hs, Qs or Zs! Good to keep in mind when you are choosing names for children or changing your name. It is also worth noting that the influence of these numbers can be modified where a missing number occurs as your birth path number for example. this will help to modify the effect and assist you in mastering this energy. A name change will only modify the essence number in your chart or the spiritual number for each year as it cycles through the years. Your basic energy that you are born with does not change when you change your name.

Just as missing numbers have an impact so does an excess of numbers. The following is a guide to th effect of excesses in your numbers:

For a balanced personality I have found the following numbers of each number provide a balance to the personality.

1s:          3 - 4 gives normal confidence, determination, assertiveness, initiative and drive etc.

Too many 1s:

Stubbornness, laziness, aloofness, egotism, bullying, bossiness, self centredness etc.


2s:          2 - 3 gives co-operation, balance, good negotiation skills and patience.

Too many 2s:

Indifference, hypersensitivity, shyness, sullenness, pessimism, over subservience, unreliability, overly critical of others.


3s:          2 - 3 gives good communication skills, self expression, creativity and artistic leanings. The threes have as much to do with self confidence as do the ones.

Too many 3s:

Excessive nervousness, emotionality, unhappiness, fanatical, escapism, abusive, show-off tendencies.


4s:          1 - 2 gives stability of character and a good sense of practicality, determination, work ethic, self discipline and order.

Too many 4s:

Possessive, stubborn, miserly, inflexible, dull, crude, unfeeling, intolerant, rebellious, in a rut.

5s         4 - 5 gives adaptability, versatility, inventiveness and an adventurous streak.


Too many 5s:

            Fickle, irresponsible, recklessness, self indulgence, abusive, selfish, unstable, restless, scattered.


6s         1 - 2 gives responsibility, sense of duty, compassion and commitment to work, family or community.


Too many 6s

            Worry wort, difficulty letting go, very conventional and set in ways, depressed, despairing, fearful and doubtful.


7s:       1 - 2 gives good attention to detail, an investigative, enquiring mind, analytical skills and a philosophical approach to life.


Too many 7s

            Aloof, sceptical, critical, overly methodical and perfectionistic, isolated, eccentric, melancholy, misunderstood.


8s         1 - 2 gives an ability to handle positions of power and authority with responsibility. Also gives good earning ability and sound business judgement and assists one to maintain balance in life between the material and spiritual realms.


Too many 8s

            Overly material, power hungry, ruthless, intolerant, scheming, unscrupulous and dishonest, self indulgent.


9s         1 - 2s gives compassion and sensitivity to the needs of others without becoming a martyr or being taken advantage of. This assists one to empathise with others, to be giving, caring and thoughtful of others.


Too many 9s

            Fickleness, nervous disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, losses financially and emotionally, impractical, delusional, bitter, petty, uncaring, selfish, prejudiced, rebellious, intimidating or oversensitive to criticism, martyr tendencies, a worrier, too giving, attraction for difficult people and circumstances.

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