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The Essence Number - the most significant name number transit

The Essence Number based on your name is a transit of energy moving through life, sending out vibrations for the number of years equal to its numeric value. To me the essence number is equal in importance and interpretation as the birth path number. In fact I look at the Essence number together with the Personal Year number to determine events in a client's life. Not many numerologists even use this valuable cycle number. The essence number is representative of your spiritual lesson for the year you are looking at. Similar to the transit of planets in Astrology the letter transit begins at birth and moves in cycles of varying duration. The letters in each of our names cycle from birth. The first name represents the influence of the physical world, our physical being, the second name is the emotional aspect of your personality and the third name or last name is the spiritual energy you bring with you represented by your family energy. The essence number represents the spiritual lesson of the experience for that year. When a person changes their name either legally or publically it is this number that changes. The energy of their persona in the world changes and a such can relate to particular life changing events.  


If a person doesn’t have a middle name then the emotional expression is included in the family The transiting energy of the Essence Number describes the type of events for that particular year. Used in conjunction with the other transiting numbers, particularly the Personal Year Number will give you a very clear picture of the events for that year. Each number cycles for the value allocated to that letter e.g. J, A & S cycle for one year only. B K and T for 2 years, C L and U for 3 years etc. Go back and look at the table of the value of the letters in the alphabet. If a letter has the value of 4 for example when it occurs in your name it will cycle at that value for 4 years from when it appears.. This is a complicated calculation but extremely valuable in determining events. I cover this in detail in my classes and workshops.


The Excursion or Essence Chart is the pattern of transiting numbers for each year from birth. It includes the Essence Number, Personal Year Number, Universal Year number, subpaths of the Birth Path and the Pinnacle and Challenges. Reading this pattern of numbers or what I call a map of the energy changes for each year will allow you to clearly see significant energy shifts and events.


For example:


Name and Birth Date of John  Peter  Jones . Date of Birth 1st January, 1925

                                         1685 75359 16551

For the first year of life from 0 - 1 year the Letter J P and J are active from the first middle and last name. This adds up to 9 so the essence from 0 - 1 year is 9. For the second year of life we have O, P and O. (J cycles for 1 year, P for 7 years and O for 6 years. So the Essence for age 2 is 19/10/1. The Essence for the 3rd year would be based on O, P, O again. At age 8 we have H E H which is a 9. This is best represented in a table format. I will go into this number in my classes. It is very significant in terms of defining events particularly when used in conjunction with the Pesonal Year Number.


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